Kait Parker Getting Engaged to Hurricane expert Michael Lowry, See her Relationship

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Kait Parker is a meteorologist and weather forecaster who is best known for her work in WFAA-TV and WAKA-TV. She previously worked for WPTV-Channel 5 as a meteorologist but left early this year. Even though she was having a great career being in WPTV why would she have chosen to leave the channel?

Kait Parker was hosting the 5 A.M to 9 A.M show named 'America's Morning Headquarters'. After two years of her work at the all-weather-all-the-time station finally ended up in January this year. What do you think made her put down her career aside? Was it because of her affair, marriage or is she going to have a baby?

Meteorologist Kait Parker engaged with hurricane expert Michael Lowry

Kait Parker secretly got engaged to the hurricane expert boyfriend Michael Lowry. It seems like she didn’t want to share her engagement news or maybe wasn’t willing to share it soon. She kept this information a secret until her colleague Al Roker mistakenly revealed about her engagement.  After that Kait mischievously thank him for 'dropping the bomb' on live TV.

Happily married husband and wife: Michael Lowry and Kait Parker

Happily married husband and wife: Michael Lowry and Kait Parker

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It was surely an oops moment for Kait Parker's colleague when he unfolded the truth about Kait. And Kait doesn’t seem to like it a bit and looked annoyed with Al Roker. Whereas AI later said it was all 'much ado about nothing' and that Miss Parker who had already announced her engagement to fellow weatherman Michael Lowry on Facebook and Twitter, later thanked him.

When AI Roker announced the saying Kait got engaged with Micheal a hurricane expert, Kait replied saying 'And you just dropped the bomb on national television, so thanks, AI. AI laughing replied, 'That's what friends are for'. Then he ended the shot and threw the feedback to Savannah Guthrie in the studio. '

Later Kait Parker was showered with a huge number of congratulation messages from her admirers which she thanked afterwards. 


Spectacular Florida day to celebrate ??#willyoumollieme

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Kait Parker has got a very sweet personality; her smile can charm and hypnotise anyone. She recently got married to Michael Lowry on 3 May 2017 in a lavish wedding ceremony. After her decision to leave the media job we have hardly known about her. People assume that she wants a separate life with her husband. As like many girls she may want a happy and peaceful married life with her husband and children.

Beautiful meteorologist Kait Parker

Beautiful meteorologist Kait Parker

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Kait Parker popularity can she analysed from her social media following too. We can see how much her fans loves and admires her as she has got more twenty-two thousand followers on Twitter. Kait too frequently posts much stuff on her social media sites.