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Home Gossip Is Kacey Montoya Married or still Dating? Know her Affairs and Relationship History

Is Kacey Montoya Married or still Dating? Know her Affairs and Relationship History

Mahammad Arsad shekh Tue May, 2017
Is Kacey Montoya Married or still Dating? Know her Affairs and Relationship History

One of the most renowned and appreciated reporters of all time, Kacey Montoya is a perfect example of beauty with brain. She is also an Emmy-award winning journalist who has successfully won the hearts of millions of fans through her fearless attitude and dedication towards her work.

As we can see, her personal life is an open book that anyone can go through. But what about her personal life, which is still hidden behind the curtain. Today we are going to release that curtain for you to give all the private information about this beautiful lady. Just stay with us.

Kacey Montoya married husband Matt Brode after dating for four years

Yes! You read that right. For those, people who are concerned about Kacey Montoya' current relationship status, she is a married woman. She is married to her longtime boyfriend turned husband Matt Brode who is one of the renowned American weather experts as well as a television presenter.

The husband and wife couple; Matt Brode and Kacey Montoya

Matt Brode and Kacey Montoya  Source: Stumptown bloggers

You might be wondering how this incredible love affair between husband and wife couple began. Actually, it's still a mystery when and how the couple first met and started dating. However, some sources say that this celebrity couple has begun their relationship in between 2008 and 2009.

After having an affair for about four years, when they realized they are made for each other and wanted to spend rest of their life together, the couple decided to take their relationship to the next level and eventually, got married.

Husband and wife couple of Matt Brode and Kacey Montoya

Husband and wife duo; Matt Brode and Kacey Montoya  Source: tribktla

After dating for around four years, the couple got married back in 2012. Now, the pair has been married for over six years and their love and passion for each other are increasing stronger day by day.

Nevertheless, we don't see any divorce rumor in their relationship, neither any extramarital affairs. We don't even see any controversy between them. We can assume this beautiful couple as the inspiration for all lovers of this world.

However, Kacey once tweeted a picture in which she was seen sitting on the lap of another man, Mester Mart. But, in a tweet, Kacey said that she is not worried about it. Check it out.

Now, if we talk whether Kacey is also a mother or does she have any children, we will prefer to say that she doesn't have any kids. However, scrolling down her Instagram, you would find some pictures she uploaded with some babies.

But, don't get confused. The babies are her nephews, not her own child. Check out these pics.

After a long journey in her career, Kacey Montoya is currently working for KTLA weather segments and leading herself towards the peak of success.

As for now, let's wish this fantastic couple of  Matt Brode and Kacey Montoya all the very best for their future, and we hope that we could see a new member in their life soon. For more updates, stay tuned with us.