Justin Bieber Collaborating with Lil Dicky for a New Single

Updated On 11 Apr, 2019 Published On

Grammy-Award winner Justin Bieber recorded a new music track with rapper Lil Dicky that is set to be released next week. 

According to various sources,  Justin Beiber will be featured on the new single by Lil Dicky.

This song with Dicky will be the Bieber's first since his No Brainer, which was released last year in July featuring DJ KhaledQuavo and Chance the Rapper.

Hailey Baldwin's husband, Justin retweeted Dicky's post from Tuesday which said,

New song and video next week,

but didn't drop any hints if he'd be playing any part in the project, even though we know Bieber's on it.

Justin Bieber hasn't released any solo works of his own for over more than three years.

His last Purpose album was released in November 2015, followed by a massive tour.

Last month, Bieber informed the world, he was taking a break from work to fix his mental health issues but we have reasons to believe that the Dicky project was already done before the announcement.