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Home Gossip Jung Eun-ji Current Relationship Status Single? Know about her Dating History and Boyfriend

Jung Eun-ji Current Relationship Status Single? Know about her Dating History and Boyfriend

Ashmita Karki Mon Mar, 2017
Jung Eun-ji Current Relationship Status Single? Know about her Dating History and Boyfriend

It’s really hard for the celebrities to keep their personal life out of media's reach. But the toughest part is to hide their love life. Amidst all the paparazzi, South Korean actress Jung Eun-Ji has been successfully keeping her dating life mysterious.

‘Trot Lovers’ star Jung Eun-Ji is a renowned South Korean actress who has millions of fans following from around the world. She is not just a gorgeous woman, but also a very talented actress and singer. Even though Eun-Ju's professional life is known by many, only a few know about her boyfriend and dating history. Eun-Ji was linked with Kim Bum in the past, but currently, her relationship status appears to be single.

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Jung Eun-Ji dated Kim Bum

There’s only one confirmed relationship of Eun-Ji till now. She dated Kim Bum in the past. Bum, who was also designated as ‘Eun-Ji’ immediate boyfriend, is a very famous South Korean actor/ model and singer.

Image: Jung Eun-ji and her ex-boyfriend Kim Bum

Image: Jung Eun-Ji and her ex-boyfriend Kim Bum

Source: DK pop news

The pair even worked together in ‘That Winter, the Wind Blows’ drama. However, their love affair dissolved in 2013 after their break up. Neither Eun- ji nor Bum revealed the reason behind their breakup.

Jung Eun-Ji new foreigner boyfriend

When Eun-Ji was waving at the reporters in the airport, a stranger who was standing beside her started waving as well. To that, Eun-Ji jokingly referred him as her boyfriend. The guy, who seemed like he didn’t know who Eun-Ji was, hesitatingly said ‘Woah!!No No No No’. The whole incident was really hilarious. Watch it yourself:

Jung Eun-Ji relationship status at present

Eun-Ji is an 18th August 1993 born South Korean superstar. At present, she is the leader of a female group known as ‘A PINK’. Eun-Ji made an acting debut in 2012 after appearing in ‘Reply 1997’ drama.

Eun-Ji has been very serious about her career since the beginning. Therefore, she makes sure that the limelight doesn’t shift from her career to her love life. Even though Eun-Ji's name gets linked with various other co-star but all the rumors about her relationship appear to be baseless. Thus, we can say that Eun-Ji is currently single.


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Though she is single, she wishes to date her dream guy. In an interview, Eun-Ji revealed that the idea of her perfect guy isn’t tough. She prefers someone who loves her despite her fame. She also opened up saying that she likes a man with nice looks, straight nose, and single eyelid.

Eun-Ji has expressed her idea of her dream guy, but she currently doesn't have any boyfriend or affairs. We hope Eun-Ji finds her right Mr. perfect really soon. We want to convey her our best wishes. Best of Luck Jung Eun-Ji!!