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Home News Julia Walters Announces A Year Long Retirement From Acting

Julia Walters Announces A Year Long Retirement From Acting

Suzan Thu Mar, 2019
Julia Walters Announces A Year Long Retirement From Acting

Oscar Nominated English Actress Julia Walters Announces A 1 Year Retirement From Acting.

  • Hollywood A-lister and icon of show business Julia Walters announced her retirement from the acting business after a packed schedule left her exhausted.
  • She revealed in an interview with that she took the yearlong break to get away from the extremely busy schedule she faced over the last few years.
  • The 69-year-old actress will also complete all voiceover jobs before going on break.

Mamma Mia actress and respected veteran of the acting industry Julia Walters announced that she would be taking a one-year hiatus from the acting industry due to an exhausting schedule. She also added that she was doing voiceover jobs at the moment and will finish them before going on break.

Julie CAPTION: Julia Walters' headshot. SOURCE: IMDb

She sat down in an interview with the Evening Standard that she wants to focus on finding some space in her life after a few hectic years in acting. In the same interview, she said that she was in talks for a new film for next year but right now she wants time to herself.

She told the Evening Standard,

'I'm taking this year off, really. I'm doing voiceovers at the moment, but I want a rest because the last two, three years have been non-stop and I didn't feel very well last year and was exhausted and I just thought 'that's it now'.

She further added

“I'm talking about a [new] film next year, but that's it. I'm going to be at home and have a bit of space in my life.'

Walters also said that emotionally demanding roles take a lot out of an actor and she will be doing lighthearted roles.

Considered a national treasure by her fans she is one of the few actresses who has worked well into her 60s instead of enjoying a retired life.

With films like Personal Services, Prick Up Your Ears (both 1987), Buster (1988), Stepping Out (1991), Sister My Sister (1994), Mamma Mia (2008) and Educating Rita (1983) under her belt she well and truly deserves the break.

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