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Home Gossip Julia Hsu could be hiding her boyfriend from the media. Is she dating anyone? Could she get married?

Julia Hsu could be hiding her boyfriend from the media. Is she dating anyone? Could she get married?

Rabina Koirala Thu Sep, 2016
Julia Hsu could be hiding her boyfriend from the media. Is she dating anyone? Could she get married?

Julia Hsu has earned considerable fame in the industry for her beauty and acting. This beautiful and candid actress has also had a lot of male fan followings in the recent years. Hsu is very open with her fans and shares a considerable amount of information on her projects and career to her online fans and followers.

But she is a very private person. Julia as never been seen in public with anyone she has referred to as her boyfriend. But her active social networking profile does give us a glimpse of what could be her personal affair. So we are thinking maybe Julia is deliberately hiding her boyfriend from the media! We are going to share with you what we know so far of this glamorous doll.

Image: Julia Hsu



Julia Hsu might be dating one of her best friends


Julia is very keen on sharing her moments with her fans through Instagram, Twitter, and facebook. She has been sharing her brand endorsements, her parties, and more than once, she has shared photos of her and her ‘best friend’ Guy Palmer. Maybe he is her boyfriend and Julia doesn't want to share this little piece of information with her fans right now. She seems to be technically hiding him from the limelight. 

According to Guy’s Instagram description, he is an entrepreneur and Area Manager for Terremoto Tequila. He is also the Brand director for Avion tequila.


She captioned, “Thank you for always being supportive and one of the realest who never cease the moment to yell at me when I'm fcking up in life. Haha. Love ya to the moon and back even when you make fun of my fave sports teams or send me (slightly racist) Asian memes. Have an amazing birthday love, you deserve it! #HBD #scorpiobestie #ourbestchokeholdposeyet"

And what’s more, both of them seem to love travelling. Neither Guy nor Julia has posted vacationing together yet. But they have definitely shared moments of them partying together.

Though Julia has never confirmed being in a relationship with anybody, it is hard to believe when a young and talented (and very sexy) actress says she is single. And though only the least amount of light has been shed on her romantic life by Julia herself, it is hard to state anything for a fact. 


But maybe she is single


Julia has not been prominent in the industry despite her fan following. And she is hardly snapped with random people, who could potentially be her partner that she is keen to hide from the spotlight of the media. Some of her Instagram posts have indicated that she might be single as of 2016.

She posted a "Happy Singles' Awareness" post on Valentine's Day. 


Happy single awareness day! ??

A photo posted by Julia Goolia ?? (@julia_hsu) on


As we mentioned earlier, Julia maybe one secretive celebrity and thus, hiding her boyfriend in plain sight. Or she may just be single. Following her on social media has let us know something about her as a person. She seems to be a family girl. She loves her roots and her connections to it. She has shared instances with her mother and cousins too. So it might be safe to deduce that Julia sees herself getting married someday and have a small family of her own. We can only hope to hear the good news from her.


More about Julia Hsu

Julia Hsu was born in 1986 in Taiwan. Her family moved to the States when she was a child and since then she has been living in Texas, US. Her Hollywood career started at the age of 12 in a hit Jackie Chan-starrer Rush Hour. She has since then been seen in a couple of more movies and TV shows.