Judy Travis and her husband Benji Travis have three children as they are a complete family

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It’s said that god makes the couple from heaven and well, the god had also decided to make a couple among the YouTubers as a result of which Travis couple finally decided to get married after dating for several years. And the couple seems to have a happy married life. Judy Travis and her husband Benji Travis have been supportive of each other in every critical situation and both of them seem to trust each other completely.

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Yes, the Travis couple has 3 children. Benji and Judy seem to be in deep love with each other. They are blessed with their children as a sign and symbol of their love. The couple had the most joyful day in their life when they confirmed they were having a child. They named their first child Juliana Travis. After having a first baby, the couple was ready for another one too. And after some months, Judy again became pregnant. This time, their joy was even bigger when the couple knew they were having twin baby girls. The twin children were named Keira Travis and Miya Travis.





Well, certainly not. The Travis couple seems to very happy with each other. And there is no sign about them getting divorced. The couple couldn’t imagine a life without their family. Anyway, who would make a nonsense decision of divorcing a gorgeous and lovely lady such as Judy Travis? 


The Travis couple seems to feature their children in some of their videos. The couple is able to win the heart of millions through their respective videos on various social medias. Judy Travis got a massive response from viewers after she posted video tutorials based on Selena Gomez looks in her music videos.

Judy Travis and Benji Travis, are both YouTube stars. Judy got famed for posting tutorials and videos about new beauty products on her YouTube channel “ itsjudytime ” as she is a beauty and lifestyle expert.  Whereas Benji is a food enthusiast and has been well-known among people for posting videos of food tutorials, testing tastes, providing opinions and reviews on his popular YouTube channel “BenjiManTV”.