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Home News Judge Rejects Claim Over Killed Tycoon's Residency

Judge Rejects Claim Over Killed Tycoon's Residency

Navin shah Fri May, 2019
Judge Rejects Claim Over Killed Tycoon's Residency

A judge from New Hampshire rejected a lawsuit on Friday against a man who was accused of killing his millionaire grandfather for inheritance property. The decision was made by the judge claiming that the grandmother was not a resident of the state.

David King, the judge, said that though John Chakalos had a New Hampshire driver's license, he resided in Connecticut. King had earlier rejected the similar argument of 24-year-old Nathan Carman.

Concerning the case, the judge King said, 

His actual residence was in Connecticut, he had a more and significant lasting connection there, and he never intended to permanently reside outside that state.

The claim, expedited via Carman's mom's three sisters, said his aunties don't need him to get his a lot of the legacy. After the judge's choice, they said they will consider "further activities" in Connecticut and New Hampshire. Chakalos left more than $29 million to his four little girls.

Linda Chakalos reportedly went missing after the boat sank on a fishing trip with Carman in 2016. Unable to find her body, she was pronounced dead and her family sternly claimed him to be responsible for her death.

Well, despite all the claims, Carman has not admitted any role in his grandfather's death in 2013. Likewise, a real estate developer named Chakalos was also shot to death in his room. But Carman has not been charged with any crime by far.

In a statement to The Associated Press, Carman said,

I can tell you right now that I am pleased because the court got it right, The facts are that my grandfather spent all his time in Connecticut. I would have welcomed a trial on the merits but the court got the facts right when it dismissed the case.

On the other hand, the family said that they "respectfully but strongly disagrees" with the decision saying, 

John immersed himself in New Hampshire where all of his adult and childhood friends live and where he constantly gave back to his community. The family is thoroughly considering its options for filing further actions in Connecticut and New Hampshire, to make sure that Nathan is held accountable for his lies, destruction of evidence and murderous conduct.

Well, apart from this case, Carman is also trying to resolve a case with an insurer in federal court in Rhode Island. The insurer has accused that Carman made an alteration to the boat before its sinking and that he is trying to avoid payment on the $85,000 policy.