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Home Gossip Journalist Jillian Mele Reveals Her Boyfriend On Twitter, Are They Secretly Married, Her Net Worth?

Journalist Jillian Mele Reveals Her Boyfriend On Twitter, Are They Secretly Married, Her Net Worth?

Mahammad Arsad shekh Fri Apr, 2017
Journalist Jillian Mele Reveals Her Boyfriend On Twitter, Are They Secretly Married, Her Net Worth?

One of the most renowned journalists, Jillian Mele has successfully won the hearts of millions of fans by her extreme beauty and confidence towards her work. Nowadays, Jillian gained wide attention and curiosity regarding Jillian has an affair with a mysterious boyfriend, as she revealed it on Twitter.

There arise a lot of questions regarding Jillian Mele's personal life such as is she married or she just has an affair with her boyfriend? If she is really engaged to anyone then who is that lucky guy? Don't worry we are here with all those private pieces of stuff about the journalist and also Jillian's net worth. Just stay with us.

Jillian Mele is dating her mysterious boyfriend as stated in Twitter

Yes, Jillian Mele is secretly dating a mysterious man, who is said to be her boyfriend. You might be thinking of how we know that? Actually, scrolling down the tweets of Jillian Mele, we found a really interesting fact.

Jillian Mele herself has revealed a statement officially on her Twitter account regarding she is having an affair with her boyfriend on 26th May 2016. Though Jillian has not mentioned the name of her boyfriend, she has given some hints on her Twitter.

First, let's have a look at those tweets.


With the above tweets, there is no doubt left that Jillian is dating a boyfriend who lives in Boston. Furthermore, Jillian Mele has posted a picture on her Facebook account in which we can see that she is with that mysterious man which we are talking about.

Here the photo of the journalist with her mysterious boyfriend found on her facebook.

CAPTION: Jillian Mele and her mysterious boyfriend, mentioned on Twitter
SOURCE: marrieddivorce

However, Jillian Mele has talked nothing about her marriage and has nowhere mentioned that the mysterious man is her husband. So, we can't say that the journalist is a married woman.

Jillian Mele

Jillian Mele


Furthermore, looking forward to Jillian Mele's professional life, she seems to be living a lavish lifestyle. Currently, she is working as a journalist who reports on the sports and trafficking at the NBC News Channel.

Hot and sexy journalist Jillian Mele

Hot and sexy journalist Jillian Mele

Source: Twitter

We hope that the NBC journalist and her mysterious boyfriend disclosed in Twitter have a great life ahead.

Jillian Mele's net worth

With her extreme talent and hard work towards her career, Jillian Mele has been successful to earn a huge salary, which adds up to her current net worth of $900 thousand, which is still increasing day by day.

Check out a funny video where Jillian Mele spills coffee in her show Breakfast On Board.

Jillian Mele currently works for the FOX News channel network, where she is friends with other journalists like Bret Baier. She is currently the co-host of Fox & Friends, hosted by Abby Huntsman. The show is so popular, it bits and segments are often posted on Twitter by President Donald Trump.

As for now, we wish this beautiful journalist all the very best for her future. Let's hope more information regarding her mysterious boyfriend will soon be revealed and till then just wait for it. For more updates, keep in touch with Frostsnow.

We wish Jillian Mele is happy with this mysterious boyfriend and best of luck for her career.