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Home Gossip Josh Duhamel shares his secret behind marrying Fergie

Josh Duhamel shares his secret behind marrying Fergie

Richa Mon Jun, 2016
Josh Duhamel shares his secret behind marrying Fergie

Josh Duhamel and his wife as of late praised their seventh commemoration together and he opened up with Entertainment Tonight about their mystery to an effective marriage.

Josh Duhamel and Fergie have achieved one of the greatest Hollywood deeds - staying married. The on-screen character, who commends his seventh commemoration with the previous Black Eyed Peas vocalist on Sunday, shared the mystery behind his long sentiment. Relaxation is exactly what the couple needs, considering the pair has a 2-year-old child at home. They are living spontaneous time as a married couple and they explained from the very first time they were close and connected with each other. 

To commend their commemoration, the two left for two or three days and delighted in some tremendously required couple time. He explained they just went up to Big Sur for two or three days. Josh is the father of a child and having Fergie as his wife, he is hoping another baby as a son that will craze the family more.

Both of their success in movies and music is the reason behind their successful net worth reaching the top height. He being 43 in age was also encountered with Nicole Forrester in the year 2009 but their love story was just a fake rumor. His ex-girlfriend Kristy Pierce is also wishing all good luck to the couple. Currently, his picture on Twitter is getting a lot of news coverage in the media 

and his wish on mother’s day was also heart touching post made by him