Jorge Garcia Looks Great After Weight Loss, What Inspired Him To Lose Weight? His Love Life


American actor and comedian Jorge Garcia became a topic of discussion (in the right way) in 2017 after he lost a massive 100lbs in a few years. Best known as a TV actor and for appearing in TV shows like How I Met Your Mother, also starring Neil Patrick HarrisJosh Radnor, Cobie Smulders, etc., Hawaii Five-0, Lost, iSteve, and many others, he has indeed come a long way. 

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The 44-year-old is a very secretive man when it comes to his relationship but has been in a few relationships. 

Let's find out more about his massive weight loss and his relationship history. 

Jorge Garcia's massive weight loss

Jorge is a big foody and shared that he cannot help himself from stuffing food in his mouth. In 2003, he needed to lose 30 pounds for TV series Lost, in which portrayed the role of Hugo Reyes from 2004 to 2010. 

Even though he did lose the weight initially, he gained them back getting even heavier. While his friends and colleges were worried about his weight from the very beginning, it became a hazard when he hit his highest weight mark, i.e., 400lbs. 

Jorge Garcia before and after weight loss

Jorge Garcia before and after weight loss

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It became a big concern and doctors even advise him that he would either have to lose weight or he would die. He hit the mark in 2014 and specialists shared that gastric bypass, which would drastically decrease his food consumption, was the only solution for his weight. 

However, the actor took things into his own hands and tried different methods for weight loss which did not have much of an effect on him. Eventually, he adopted veganism and consumed entirely plant-based diet excluding all kinds of animal products including dairy products. 

This lifestyle change had a significant impact on his life and weight as he lost 100lbs. He currently weights 300lbs and is out of the danger zone. 

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This was a huge achievement and fans were very proud of him as they also wanted him to shed some pounds.

He still follows a vegan lifestyle and has become an inspiration for many people who are struggling with their weight. 

Jorge Garcia relationships history. 

Jorge is a very private person when it comes to his personal life. There is not much known about it as of now, and the details about his current relationship have not been revealed yet.

However, he has been in a few relationships before which we are going to talk about here. 

His first encounter was with a woman named Malia Hansen. They not only dated, but Garcia and the lady also made numerous appearances together in public and red carpet events. They started dating in 2004, but their relationship lasted only for two years as they broke up in 2006. 

Jorge Garcia with ex-girlfriend Malia Hansen

Jorge Garcia with ex-girlfriend Malia Hansen