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Home Gossip Jordyn Jones kisses boyfriend Carson Lueders. Know more about dating life.

Jordyn Jones kisses boyfriend Carson Lueders. Know more about dating life.

Rabina Koirala Tue Nov, 2016
Jordyn Jones kisses boyfriend Carson Lueders. Know more about dating life.

Youtube stars Jordyn Jones and Carson Lueders have been melting the hearts of millions of fans and followers with their public display of affection. They have been dating for only a few months now, but their chemistry is undeniably cute.

Jordyn is only 16. Her boyfriend is even younger than her. Carson is only 15. But as little as their age might seem, their stardom has reached greater heights. Both of them have accumulated millions of fans in social networking sites individually.

Image: Carson Lueders and Jordyn Jones

Back in December 2014, Jordyn featured in the music video of Carson's superhit dance number "Take Over". Both of them are seen performing in the video.

Jordyn's Affair

It might seem wrong for some to be talking about the list of lovers and affair of a 16-year-old. But when you are a celebrity with millions of fans and followers all around the world, such rumors and link up of the affair is inevitable in a  way.

Jordyn is currently said to be in a relationship with the young pop star Carson Lueders. Before Carson, Jordyn had a boyfriend named Nick Wallace. She seemed pretty tight with Nic and even his family.



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But things went south with their relationship and they broke up. After Nic, Jordyn met Carson and they soon became close friends. And it was not long after that this friendship turned into a relationship. 

Their PDA also includes cute kisses. Fans have been going crazy over these lovers.

Jordyn's Boyfriend

15-year-old star Carson has been dating Jordyn for quite some time now. Even though they did a music video together in 2014, rumors have it that their relationship started a lot later. They were friends first. Only when they got comfortable enough with each other they started dating. 

It is hard to determine whether Jordyn or her boyfriend is more famous. Both of them have accumulated millions and millions of fans and followers all over the world.

Their songs and performances and regular videos have been viewed millions of times and their admirers generally include teenagers- just like them.

Carson entered this industry when he was not even 13. He released his hit song and music video "Beautiful"  in 2014. His EP All Day dropped in 2015. He has been uploading videos in his self-titled youtube channel.

Young Carson has developed a reputation for covering songs of the legendary Keith Urban. 

These young lovebirds seem to be going strong and steady. Only time can tell where they are headed. What do you think of these teen stars? Share us your views in the comments below.