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Published On Jan 03, 2018
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Jonathan Scott moved to the United States along with his brother, looking for better opportunities in 2008. He worked as a Contractor and developed a show around the pair tentatively called My Dream Home, which became the number-one rated show on HGTV.

Davidian production group was turned to Scott Brothers Entertainment and the brothers began to develop several shows like Property Brothers and began to gain success. By 2014, they had more than 26 million views.

The concept behind Property Brothers led to an explosion of shows following the pattern of buying properties for cheap, turning them around, and selling them at a handsome profit. Soon after the show became a hit, Fixer Upper, run by the married couple Chip and Joanna Gaines hit the screens.  

The brothers started a new outdoor furniture line called Scott Living that was launched on QVC in 2015. The brand crossed 100 million in revenue at the end of 2016. The Scott Brothers released their two single country tracks in 2016, titled  "Let the Light Shine In" and "Hold on." The songs had more than 5 million views in Vevo at the time.

Apart from his singing, he too has featured in several commercials, TV series, and is a philanthropist as well. The 39 years old TV personality married his girlfriend Kelsy Ully in 2007, after dating for several years. Things weren't going well between them, so they divorced each other in 2014, after seven years of their married life. The reason for their divorce is unclear; however, he blames his wife that she was working in the nightclub. 

He is currently having a relationship with his loving girlfriend, Jacinta Kuznetsov. His partner is a producer for the Canadian radio program, The Strombo Show. The couple is dating since 2015 and is still together. He is a second-degree black belt in Shotake karate.

The Scott Brothers won the 2012 Leo Award for "Best Host(s) in an Information or Lifestyle Series" for Property Brothers. As all of Jonathan's project is with his brother Drew, the brothers hold an estimated net worth of $20 million in 2017. As for living, he has two homes, one in Las Vegas, he shares with his brother and another in New York with his girlfriend.

Jonathan Scott facts on timeline

Born in Cananda Vancouver, British Columbia

April 28 , 1978

Jonathan Scott was born as John Ian Scott on 28 April 1978, to Canadian parents, James Scott and Joanne Scott in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He was born four minutes earlier than his identical twin brother Drew.

developed his first own production company Scott Brothers Entertainment


Jonathan Scott along with his twin brother Drew Scott started their first ever production in 2009. They produced several TV series like Buying and Selling, Brothers vs Brothers, Property Brothers, etc. from their production company

got married to his girlfriend Kelsy Ully


Jonathan Scott was dating Kelsy Ully since 2005 and after two years of their relationship, they tied their knots in 2007, among their family and friends in New York United States.

got divorced with his wife Kelsy Ully


Jonathan Scott and his ex-wife Kelsy Ully ended their relationship after seven years of their married life, the couple announced their divorce in 2014. The reason for their divorce is that his wife used to work in clubs which he couldn't fit into.

Net worth of $20 million


As of 2017, Jonathan Scott shares an estimated net worth of $20 million with his twin brother Drew Scott. Jonathan Scott sold his house in Canada for $25,000, in order to shift to the United States.