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Home News Jonas Brothers to Make Comeback, Says They'll "Definitely" Tour This Year

Jonas Brothers to Make Comeback, Says They'll "Definitely" Tour This Year

Navin shah Thu Apr, 2019
Jonas Brothers to Make Comeback, Says They'll

Jonas Brothers have pretty big plans this year. In fact, they went exclusive about their plans in a video clip posted by E! News. 

Yes! The world will get to see the Jonas Brothers perform together after a long time. In fact, they have already scheduled their tour. Further, the E! News clip also showed the brothers, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonasdish, speak about their respective wife and how they have made positive impacts on their musical career.

Well, the JoBros revealed a lot about their plans this year during their chat with Candice Huckeba on her Radio Disney show Candice On Air.

When asked about their tour dates, JoBros went on to say that they cannot reveal the information yet saying, 

You keep asking us these questions we can't answer, We'll tell you when the time's right. We'll definitely tour this year at some point.

When Candice asked if their upcoming performance will include old songs, Joe said,

Yeah, for sure. I don't think we have enough new songs to do a long show. But we have plenty of old ones

The interviewer later shifted to talking about their wives and their contribution to their music. 

Joe took to answer the question first and said that they are huge support saying, 

Danielle Jonas, Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner inspire the content in "all ways, They're our champions. They're our support. To have that great aspect in your life, it just makes writing awesome songs about them and about the moments you have and share so much easier," Kevin continued. "It's pretty great

In fact, the three ladies were the part of their song "Sucker" where the girls, Danielle Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, and Sophie Turner, can be seen in a glamorous avatar.

They also released their single "Cool" on April 5, which is presented as the homage to retro Miami.

Want to listen to the full interview? Check out Radio Disney on Friday, April 19.