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Home Gossip John McCain daughter Meghan McCain Marriage? Know her Affairs, Relationships

John McCain daughter Meghan McCain Marriage? Know her Affairs, Relationships

Himadri Hamal Sat Dec, 2017
John McCain daughter Meghan McCain Marriage? Know her Affairs, Relationships

Meghan McCain, a lady who is popular for voicing her opinion through different media platforms like Fox News and The View is non other than the daughter of John McCain, veteran Republican politician and Senator from Arizoana who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.

apart from being a successful journalist, dady's girl Meghan McCain is also one of the national best-selling authors who seems to be very busy within her profession. But what about her private life, affairs and relationships. How is her marriage faring? 

Today we have come up with hot gossips about Meghan McCain, So get ready to know more about her.

Megan McCain said she was single until...recently

Columnist Meghan McCain had said back in late 2014 that she had broken up with her boyfriend over the case of Bill O’Reilly. In an interview with U.S. News‘ Nikki Schwab, McCain revealed that she left a guy she was dating thanks to O’Reilly, who was forced to leave Fox News after a litany of sexual harassment cases emerged

While the name of the unfortunate guy is yet to be revealed, Meghan, who is currently serving as a contributing author for the MSNBC and The Daily Beast, had not been linked with anyone else. 


To everyone who has sent me and my family such kind words of strength and prayers, thank you from the bottom of my heart, it really has been helping me. We start my fathers last (first round) of radiation and chemotherapy today. This last month has easily been the most challenging and difficult of my life. I come from a long lineage of warriors and I have never been more grateful for the strength and fortitude that has been passed down to me, I am relying on it now more than ever. My natural inclination is always to be open and share my life but at the moment I am still in a place where I just want and need to be around my family and am asking for your understanding and patience. To those of you out there living with #GBM or who have a family member or loved one living with #GBM, you are my absolute heroes. We are in this fight together, sending you all love and light. #FUCKCANCER

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This was despite tha fact that McCain had refered to her “boyfriend” on her social media many times since early 2016. And although she never revealed his name, she did post photos of his homemade meals.


John McCain's daughter Megan McCain's affair, relationship, marriage

People were expecting that the 30+ lady was so focused on her multiple careers, involving everythiing from hosting TV news and shows to writing columns, that she did not have enough time to fall for anyone. Therefore, for many, Meghan's references were nothing more than a joke .


Thank you for this @jhause and thank you for having me on @thefivefnc last night!

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  However, as things turned out, the ace columnist was secretly having an affair with someone. surprise, it was non other than her fellow popular conservative columnist Ben Domenech. The news took many by surprise. However, one must understand that being affiliated with the world of media, and having known the ins and outs of it, they must have decided to keep their private life private. 


Meghan and her husband Ben Domenech were married on November 21, 2017, at the McCain family lodge in Sedona, Arizona.Meghan's father, veteran Republican politician and Senator John McCain, gave her away in a wedding ceremony officiated by John Dickerson. After the ceremony, McCain and Domenech celebrated the beginning of their relationship with dinner and dancing surrounded by close family and friends.

The beautiful bride also posted a picture of herself before the wedding on Instagram with a hint of excitement. She captioned the photo saying, “Almost time.” she captioned the photo that also shows a pair of ‘I Do’ slippers.


??????? #AlmostTime

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Meghan's husband Ben Domenech is a good cook

New York Times best-selling author Meghan's husband Ben Domenech is an American conservative columnist, blogger and television commentator who founded and published The Federalist. He is also the host of The Federalist Radio Hour and writes for The Transom. Ben also co-founded the RedState group blog, was the former managing editor at The Heartland Institute, where he worked on health care policies, and worked as editor-in-chief of The City. He was also the man behind the daily free market podcast Coffee and Markets until 2014.

But in addition to all these, the 35-year-olds is also a fabulous cook, whose meals meghan enjoys a lot. As we have said above, his wife Meghan regularly posted pictures of his home-cooked meals instead of his pictures. 

We hope the husband-wife Meghan and Ben stick to each other throughpout their life. May Meghan remain as outspoken and freethinking as she is now. May Ben enjoy cooking their meals.  All the best from Frostsnow.