John Mayer says his friend Drake Inspired him to be competitive

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Singer John Mayer is planning to come up with something innovative to present his live shows as he wants to be more competitive now.

Giving the credit for the whole idea to his talented Rapper friend Drake, the thirty-nine-year-old singer said

I went and saw Drake's show, you see something that wows you and as an artist yourself you go, 'I want a little of that.'"

rapper drake and singer john mayer

Image: John Mayer with Drake

Source: USmagazine

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On Tuesday, he shared with press his thoughts on stepping up his live performances with electronics and LED lightings. He mentioned that he was awed by the way Drake conducted his live shows and that inspired him to make his shows to look big as well. 

John Mater

Image: John Mayer

Source: Billboard

The eight time Grammy winner has now added a colorful LED wall and floor on stage for his upcoming Search for Everything world tour. He said

"I wanted to have a really big show,"  "I want to be competitive.

Video: John Mayer Live performance

He added,

"I want to be in the world where people are creating bigger and better shows. I think there's a healthy competition involved in it."