John Cena Agrees to Reverse Vasectomy; Nikki Bella Says She can't Belive It

Updated On 21 Sep, 2018 Published On

Nikki Bella is in the seventh heaven after John Cena agreed to reverse his vasectomy and make her his children's mother. 

In the recent episode of Sunday of the TV episode, Total Bellas, the star reveals to her twin sister, Brie Bella, the happy news of her reconciliation with John. She also buzzes with happiness when she tells her sister that Cena agreed to reverse his vasectomy. 

Nikki shares to Brie that she is thinking of waiting a year or two before conceiving a baby. 

Brie expresses her opinion stating, 

Get pregnant with me, on my second.

Nikki shares with happiness,

I just can't believe I get to be a mom. And with the man of my dreams, I don't have to go find some guy to have a baby with.

While getting pregnancy dreams, Nikki is also now reverted to her wedding planning. Back to reality, she doesn't even have a wedding dress. She reveals that during the morning, the wedding planner also asked her to find a wedding dress ASAP. 

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Before getting too stressed about her wedding, Kathy Colace, Nikki and Brie's mother arrives to learn about Nikki's happiness. 

Her mother reveals her happiness,

I didn't want it to be done, but I knew you had to go through what you had to. I'm just so proud of both of you, like you and John.

On Tuesday, John was trending on the news with his decision to settle the dispute with Ford over the sale of a $450,000 supercar

And, now, he is again trending for his decision to revert vasectomy to become a father with his love