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Home Gossip Joel Pavelski is not the boyfriend of Katherine Timpf. She is currently single

Joel Pavelski is not the boyfriend of Katherine Timpf. She is currently single

Arjun Sedai Thu Jan, 2017
Joel Pavelski is not the boyfriend of Katherine Timpf. She is currently single

Katherine Timpf is a bold American Journalist and TV personality from Detroit. She is one of the several beautiful TV personalities whose fans are waiting to know about her boyfriend. Every fan must be familiar with the fact that she dated a guy named Blake six years before.

Katherine Timpf fans and followers might want to know who she is currently dating. Is it GQ Magazine guy Joel Pavelski? Is she married?  Or is Katherine still single? Stay with us for more information about it.

Joel Pavelski is not the Boyfriend of Katherine Timpf

Yes, Joel Pavelski is not the boyfriend of Katherine Timpf. I will tell more about Joel in brief. Joel is an Audience Development at GQ magazine who previously worked at Mic, New York Post, and the Daily. As both Katherine and Joel Pavelski work for journalism, it is the reason why they came to be friends.

Since Katherine Timpf and Joel Pavelski spent a lot of time together, they have become more close friends and that is all. If they spend more time with each other and share images next to each other that doesn’t mean they are dating. In fact, everybody in today’s world has the liberty to make friends who are understanding and deserves the best friendship in return.

Katherine is doing the same thing as Joel Pavelski deserves to be a best friend. They hang out and enjoy every moment when they are together.  It’s their image on social media and hang-out together that make the fans suspect they are undergoing dating, which is not true. In her Twitter account, she has also tweeted that Joel is just a friend of her and not a boyfriend

Katherine Timpf and her Ex-Boyfriend Blake

Katherine Timpf was once in an affair with a boy named Blake, which she has clearly stated. After their break-up, they have become a good friend. Currently, this young and beautiful is single. 

If she had any kind of love affairs or dating on-going she should have revealed it as she did previously when she was in relation with her ex-boyfriend Blake

Is Katherine Timpf married?

Katherine Timpf is not married so she is single. She is not like other ladies who make their relationship as private as possible. Katherine Timpf is an extrovert and is of comic nature; she keeps on making fun out of anything if it is possible. She even makes her comedy of her boyfriend, which as you know she doesn't have.

Katherine Timpf who is of really friendly nature says on one of her tweets that her father is a best friend of her. This tweet was made on the special occasion of father’s day.

Katherine Timpf appears in the comedy show The Greg Gutfeld Show, hosted by Greg Gutfeld and Tyrus, which has made her timing more perfect in doing comedy. She also appears in her own show named The Kat TIMPF SHOW where she makes national news reviews and political satirist comments, which gives her more time to be single and less in making a boyfriend.

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