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Home Gossip Joe Rogan & Wife Jessica Rogan Living Happily With Their Children; No any Divorce Rumors

Joe Rogan & Wife Jessica Rogan Living Happily With Their Children; No any Divorce Rumors

Mahammad Arsad shekh Thu May, 2017
Joe Rogan & Wife Jessica Rogan Living Happily With Their Children; No any Divorce Rumors

You know how hard a job it is to make somebody laugh, but if you succeed in doing so, that will be the best feeling you ever come across. In today's recital, we are going to talk about a similar television personality, Joe Rogan, a stand-up comedian, who is married to wife Jessica Schimmel.

With his talent and hard work, he has excelled in everything he does. From comedy, acting, to hosting, Joe has successfully won the hearts of many. It's obvious their fans want to know about his love life. Joe Rogan is undoubtedly a married man but how is his relationship with his spouse? Is he dating anyone apart from his wife? Let's get the details.

Joe Rogan married Jessica Schimmel; Two Daughters

The celebrity couple; Joe Rogan married Jessica Schimmel AKA Jessica Rogan, are happily married since 2009. His wife, Jessica is a former cocktail waitress. The couple got married, a year of their engagement, in 2008.

CAPTION: Joe Rogan and Jessica Schimmel SOURCE: Dodoodad

Wondering how this amazing couple began their love affair? It's still unknown how the couple met for the first time. However, what's known to us is the boyfriend and girlfriend couple became parents for the first time prior to their marriage. They were blessed with a child, a daughter in May 2008.

And like we mentioned, they got engaged in 2008, and after a year in 2009, they officially got married.

Just after a year of their marriage, Jessica gave birth to their second daughter. None of their children's name is revealed yet.

Here's a video in which Joe was seen together with his two daughters. Check it out:

Joe Rogan' Past Affairs and Relationships

Now, let's talk a little bit about Joe Rogan's past relationship. Before getting engaged with Jessica, Joe previously had a girlfriend named Jerri Manthey. They were in a relationship since 1997 and after about six years of dating, the couple broke up in 2003.


It has been over eight years of Joe's marriage with Jessica, and we don't see any divorce rumors, extramarital affairs, not even a controversy in their relationship. Their love and passion for each other are on the rise every passing day.


Undoubtedly, Joe along with his wife and children is leading a  beautiful life. Besides, Joe also seems to be an expert when it comes to dating and girlfriend. He is often seen giving advice to people on their love life.

Joe Rogan Advise On Dating, Relationship, & Marriage

Joe, who owns $23 million as his net worth, is quite a love guru. He is seen giving advice to people on their love life, and marriage on his podcast. And it won't sound unusual to tag his expertise to be the reason for his sound relationship with his wife and children.

Here, is the video where he is seen giving advice to an MMA woman concerning her dating life. Check it out.

Well, it sounds great to see someone helping out people in their love life.

As for now, we wish the couple all the very best for their future. For more updates keep in touch with Frostsnow.

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