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Home Gossip Joe Rhodes & Wife Natalie Morales Still Married Despite Her Alleged Boyfriend; Know Their Married Life And Children

Joe Rhodes & Wife Natalie Morales Still Married Despite Her Alleged Boyfriend; Know Their Married Life And Children

Ashmita Karki Wed Aug, 2016
Joe Rhodes & Wife Natalie Morales Still Married Despite Her Alleged Boyfriend; Know Their Married Life And Children

NBC's Natalie Morales and her husband Joe Rhodes married in 1998 and ever since that day, this couple has been living together perfectly. But recently, Natalie’s alleged boyfriend is causing trouble in their relationship. The reason behind it is quite shocking.

Besides, they were also rumored getting a divorce. So, what is the reason behind their separation? Scroll down to know everything about Natalie Morales' personal life and details. Check it out:

Natalie Morales' extra-marital affairs with Matt Lauer

It is said that currently 46 years aged, Natalie Morales had an affair with NBC’s 'Today' show host, Matt Lauer in 2006. This couple got close during the Today show coverage of 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.

According to our sources, Matt Lauer’s wife filed a divorce against him because of the same reason. However, for some reasons, she took it back later.

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Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer

image: Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer  Source: Getty Images

We all thought the matter had settled, but two years later, it came back again with a bang. When Natalie announced that she was 12-weeks pregnant, there were rumors that it was Matt’s child instead of her husband's. However, the stories got settled without proper clarity on the matter.

Natalie Morales Controversies

Similarly, the Natalie-Matt controversy again rose in 2012. Matt’s wife Annette Roque threatened that she would divorce Matt if he persuaded NBC Bosses to get Natalie as Ann Curry’s replacement. During that time, Natalie was ready to quit her job if she didn’t get Ann’s replacement position.

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Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer

Image: Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer   Source: Daily Mail

In the end, Savannah Guthrie got the position, but the whole situation quite tangled the public and made them more suspicious about Nat and Matt’s relationship.

Despite all these controversies, Natalie still lives with her husband, Joe. It has already been over 20 years of their marital relationship. We don’t think they will divorce later because they stayed strong even during their hard time. 

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Natalie Morale married life with Joe Rhodes

Talking about Joe and Natalie’s married life, they dated for many years before tying the knot on 22nd August 1998. Even after all these years, which had both good and bad times, they still have that spark in their faces which looks as fresh as they had in the beginning.

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Image: Natalie and Joe during their wedding  Source: Frostsnow

Natalie Morales’ husband, Joe Rhodes is Stockton Road Capital’s founder. He is also an advocate of environmental causes.

Previously, he was involved in Charterhouse for eleven years and worked as an investment banker focusing on mergers and acquisitions with the firms Kidder, Peabody & Co. and the Union Bank of Switzerland.

Natalie Morales' Children

Natalie gave birth to her first child in 2004 after six years of their marriage.

Natalie Morales with her husband and two kids during a vacation

Image: Natalie Morales with her husband and two kids during a vacation  Source: Frostsnow

It was a baby boy, and thus they named him Joseph Stockton Rhodes, which is also the name of Joe's company, Stockton Road Capital LLC. Similarly, on 9th September 2008, Natalie gave birth to her second baby boy Luke Hudson Rhodes.

Natalie Morales with Joe Rhodes and two kids

Image: Natalie Morales with Joe Rhodes and two kids  Source: ECF

Natalie Morales' Current Relationship Status

Currently, Natalie lives with her husband and two children in Hoboken, New Jersey. All of her rumors and accusations about her affair with Matt are not heard these days.

Natalie Morales' family

Image: Natalie Morales' family   Source: Entertainment News

We seriously believe that Natalie is fortunate to have Joe Rhodes as her husband because, despite so many rumors, he always believed in her and has stayed by her side no matter what.

Quick Facts About Natalie Morales

When did Natalie Morales marry her husband Joe Rhodes?

Natalie got married to her husband Joe on 22 August 1998.

Does Natalie Morales have children with her husband?

She has two children with her husband, Joseph Stockton Rhodes, Luke Hudson Rhodes. Their first child Joseph was born via C-section at Hoboken's St. Mary Hospital in 2004, while Luke was born in 2008.