Jim Carrey Goes After NFL and Trump on Twitter

Updated On 31 May, 2018 Published On

Jim Carrey mocks NFL and Donald Trump on Twitter for the rumored blackmailing of Colin Kaepernick.

He thinks that they are the real Dumb and Dumber and openly attacked them on Twitter. While this is not the first time, the comedian cum actor attacked POTUS, but this is the first time, he has mocked NFL.

In a tweet featuring an illustration proving his point, he wrote:

FL -- who exploits players for 3yrs then abandons them to a lifetime of pain -- sided with a draft-dodging racist who uses fake patriotism to squash peaceful protest. Corporations shld rethink sponsoring moral cowardice before we start asking: whose side is Nationwide really on?

Moreover, the painting also showed some sponsors of NFL like Gillette, Ford, and others.

Following the mock, he again tweeted another painting of a woman with T written on her head, T standing for Trump. In the tweet, he wrote:

More The “wall” he intends to build is in our hearts. If you help him, you will wear his mark, and your reward will be disgrace.