Jill Biden Biography

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Facts of Jill Biden
Name Jill Biden
Birth Name Jill Tracy Biden
Father Donald C. Jacobs
Mother Bonny Jean
Nationality American
Birth Place/City Hammonton, New Jersey
Religion Christian
Ethnicity White
Profession Educator
Famous for Second Lady
Special Title Second Lady
Married Bill Stevenson
Married to Joe Biden
Children 3
Divorce Bill Stevenson
Education University od Delaware
Awards Doctor oh Humane Letters
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Jill Tracy Biden is an American Educator married to the 47th Vice-President of the United States and has served as the Second Lady of the United States of America from 2009-2017.

Jill Biden's early, education and career

Jill was born on June 3, 1951, in Hammonton, New Jersey to Donald C. Jacobs and mother, Bonny Jean. She had four younger sisters, and they spent the majority of their childhood in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. She has a height of 1.68m.

She attended Upper Moreland High School and graduated in 1969. Jacobs then enrolled in a junior college in Pennsylvania to study fashion merchandising, but soon left it behind due to dissatisfaction. She then married Bill Stevenson, a former college football player in February 1970.

A few years after their marriage, Bill opened the Stone Balloon in Newark, Delaware, near the University of Delaware.


CAPTION: Jill Biden and husband Joe Biden

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Jill then enrolled in the University of Delaware, as an English major. She then took a year off from college and did some modeling work for a local agency in Wilmington. Bill and Jacobs then parted ways with each other.

She again returned to college where she met Senator Joe Biden as a senior at Delaware in March 1975. The couple met in a blind date set by Joe’s brother, but rumor has it that Biden had already seen her photograph in a local advertisement.

Jacobs graduated from the University Of Delaware in 1975. She began her career as an English language teacher in a high school. Meanwhile, she was undergoing her divorce proceeding which ultimately ended in 1976. However, she could not get half of the Stone Balloon, that she had wanted.

Jill Biden and Joe Biden's married life and career

Jacobs and Joe Biden were married on June 17, 1977, at United Nations Chapel in New York City. At the time, Joe already had two young sons from his previous marriage, and his wife and an infant daughter had died in a fatal accident.

Likewise, Jill continued to teach even when she was pregnant. Later, the Biden’s had a daughter named Ashley Blazer, who was born on June 8, 1981. It was then that Jacobs took a break from her profession for two years while raising three children on her own.

She again returned to teaching. Meanwhile, she also involved herself as a reading specialist and also taught history to emotionally disturbed students. She taught in the adolescent program at the Rockford Center for 5 years in the 1980s.

She then received a second Master of Arts degree, this time in English from Villanova University. During her husband’s bid for Presidency in 1988, she said that she would continue teaching the emotionally disturbed children even if she became the First Lady.

In total, she spent 13 years teaching in public high school and 3 years at Claymont High School.

Similarly, Jill also worked as an instructor at the Stanton/Wilmington campus of Delaware Technical and Community College from 1993 to 2008. There, she taught English Composition and remedial writing. She was also involved in the fundraiser for Jewish people in Dallas and Standford.

In the same way, Jill is the president of the Biden Breast Health Initiative, a nonprofit organization that started in 1993. The organization basically focuses on providing education regarding breast problems.

In 2007, Biden helped found the Book Buddies, a program that provides books and education to the children whose family have low-income.

Jacobs later enrolled again in school for her doctoral degree. In January 2007, she received a Doctorate in Education in educational leadership from the University of Delaware.

After George W Bush’s re-election in 2004, she urged her husband to run for presidentship. Once her husband was selected as the Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama’s running mate, she again started campaigning. She also made joint appearances with Michelle Obama.

Barack Obama’s win secured Joe Biden’s post as a Vice President, thereby making Jacobs the Second Lady of the country. It rare for a Second Lady to work when their husbands are still in the cabinet office, but Jill still went on to teach at the North Virginia Community College.

Jacobs Biden is the only Second Lady to hold a paying a job while her husband was still Vice President.

Jacobs gave her commencement address at Kingsborough Community College, where she received an honorary Doctor Of Humane Letters degree from the City University of New York in June 2009.

Biden continued her teaching career and took two English language classes at NOVA in the fall of 2009. She gave her commencement speech at the University of Delaware in January 2010, her first address in a major university.

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In April 2011, Jacobs along with Michelle Obama founded a national initiative called Joining Forces which showcases the need for U.S. military families. Biden then lent her support to the USAID’s FWD campaign in September 2011. She continued teaching at NOVA and by 2011 secured her position as an associate professor.

In 2012 U.S. presidential election, her husband ran for re-election as a vice president. Jill played a modest role at that time, and did not back down on her teaching career, and also made a few campaign appearances.

Following the re-election, Biden started her second term as the second lady. During her second tenure, she continued her support for the military families.

In 2015, she suffered the death of her step-son Beau Biden; he died of brain cancer. Biden continued to teach at NOVA and took five classes during the Fall of 2015 semester.

Jill and Joe Biden launched their Biden Foundation in February 2017. Jill continued to teach full-time at NOVA even after her husband left the White House. Being an honorary member of the state, her net worth has not quite been revealed.

She maintains a twitter account under the name Dr. Jill Biden as a platform to interact with her followers.

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Jill Biden facts on timeline

Born in Hammonton, New Jersey

June 3 , 1951

Jill Tracy Jacobs was born on June 3, 1951, in  Hammonton, New Jersey, to parents Donald C. Jacobs and Bonny Jean Jacobs.

Graduated from Upper Moreland High School.


Jill Biden attended Upper Moreland High School, where she was somewhat of a rebellious type, and enjoyed her social life. She graduated from there in 1969.

Married Bill Stevenson


Jill Biden married Bill Stevenson, a former college football player, in the month of February in 1970.

Graduated from University of Delaware


Jill Biden graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delaware, and then started her teaching career, teaching English ti High school kids.

Divorced Bill Stevenson


The couple filed a divorce which went through turbulence with Stevenson. The proceedings were settled in 1976, with Jill not getting half the shares of the Stone Balloon.

Married Senator Joe Biden

June 17 , 1977

Jill Biden and Joe Biden were married to each other by a Catholic priest on June 17, 1977, at the Chapel at the United Nations in New York City.

Recieved Master of Education and a Daughter


Jill Biden received a Master of Education with a specialty in Reading from West Chester University, and soon after she conceived a daughter Asley Blazer.

Founded Book Buddies


Jill Biden helped found Book Buddies, a non-profit organization, which provides books for low-income children in 2007.

Recieved Doctor of Education


Jill Biden received the Doctor of Education in educational leadership from the University of Delaware. She was 55 at that time.

Teaching at NOVA


Jill Biden began teaching two English courses as an adjunct professor at the Alexandria campus of Northern Virginia Community College.

Appeared on Army Wives.


Jill Biden appeared as herself in an episode of Lifetime's Army Wives, making it a part of her campaign to raise awareness of military families.

Founded a Joining Forces


Jill Biden along with Michelle Obama founded a national initiative, Joining Forces, to showcase the needs of U.S. military families.

Started her tenure as a Second Lady.

November 6 , 2012

On November 6, 2012, after the re-election, Jill Biden again started her tenure as the Second Lady for the United States.

Death of her stepson, Beau Biden.


In May 2015, Jill Biden and Joe Biden mourned the death of their son, Beau Biden, who was suffering from brain cancer.

Launched the Biden Foundation.


The couple then launched their Biden Foundation in February 2017, which focuses on preventing violence against women.

Awarded an Honorary Doctorate


Jill Biden gave the commencement address and was also awarded the Honorary Doctorate from Villanova University.

Joe Biden's Net worth, 2017


Jill Biden's net worth hasn't been calculated till date, but her husband is worth $500 thousand, and she being her wife, might share an equal share in all their belongings.