Jessica Walter Cries Over Jeffrey Tambor's Harassment; Says She is Over It Now!

Updated On 24 May, 2018 Published On

The 77 years' old Arrested Development actress, Jessica Walter talks about Jeffrey Tambor's harassment and says that she has forgiven him despite the struggle. 

The actress who played the role of Jeff's wife and Jason Bateman's mom in the series, Arrested Development, claimed that she was verbally accused on the sets of Arrested Development during a cast interview with The New York Times on Wednesday, May 23

The claim was made against Jeffrey as she said that he verbally abused her on the sets of the show. During the interview, Walter broke down while she retraced the incidents that happened to her at the sets. 

Stating that she had a harsh struggle while forgiving Tambor, she added that she had to let go of being angry at him. She further added that in her almost 60 years of working career, she had never ever had somebody yell at her like the way he did. 

She finally confirmed that she was over it in spite of the difficulties to forget what he did to her. 

Amidst the breakdown of the actress, Bateman kept on backing Tambor up. According to him, the verbal abuse was simply the process of becoming an actor. He showed his support to Tambor stating that it was just atypical behavior and everybody had certain processes to go through. 

Following the statement, the internet blasted their voices against Jason stating that he's a complete 'as***le' and other similar things like that. 

This incident is Tambor's second time as he was fired from the Amazon's show Transparent in the second month of this year. The reason for his dismissal was because of the sexual harassment case that he was accused of during November 2017

Even though he has verbally accused Walter, he will still appear on the season 5 of the comedy series, Arrested Development