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Home Gossip Jessica Rogan's Husband Joe Rogan's Financial Status: His Income Source, Net Worth, and Salary

Jessica Rogan's Husband Joe Rogan's Financial Status: His Income Source, Net Worth, and Salary

Ayush Rayamajhi Sun Mar, 2018
Jessica Rogan's Husband Joe Rogan's Financial Status: His Income Source, Net Worth, and Salary

Jessica Rogan's husband Joe Rogen, who began his career in stand up comedy at an open mic night at a Stitches comedy club in Boston, is best known for his blue comedy style.

The Italian descendent has a net worth around $23 million as in 2017. He is the producer of The Joe Rogan Experience and also the commentator in UFC.

Rogen was initially interested in building his career in mixed martial arts and was the 'US Open Champion' when he was 19. He started working as the interviewer for the 'Ultimate Fighting Championship' in 1997 and later hosted the weekly shows of UFC.

Rogan will be performing a stand-up comedy in New Orleans coming 15th of March with The Golden Pony. He is sure to make pretty handsome earnings from his stand-up shows as he will be performing in more than ten states this month.

Besides, Rogan endorsed Gary Johnson in 2016 US presidential campaign and is the supporter of the legalization of cannabis. He also appeared in the Canadian documentary film, 'The Union: The Business Behind Getting High'. Now, let's move towards the details of Rogan's net worth, salary, career and more.

Joe Rogan: Net Worth, Salary, and Earnings

Rogan's income is mostly influenced by his earnings from his podcast 'The Joe Rogan Experience,' which he launched in 2009 along with his fellow comedian Brian Redban. The show was initially aired on Ustream and was also listed in the 'Top 100 podcasts on iTunes'.


Joe Rogan's Salary and Earnings

Rogan charges over $100K per episode from the podcast as it was downloaded over 16 million times by the end of 2015 and was the most popular free podcast at that time.

Likewise, he bagged over $7 million in 2015, only from the podcast which was downloaded by 11 million people that year.

In 2011, Rogan got a deal with SiriusXM satellite radio and the show aired on its talk channel The Virus. The guests of the show include Russell Brand,  Jamie Foxx, Mike Baker, and Dominick Cruz. The show has released around 1080 episodes till now.

The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience

Source: Twitter

Although Rogan was not able to accomplish his dream of becoming an MMA fighter, he landed on UFC as a host and also the commentator. Previously, Dana White who is also Rogan's friend appointed him as the color commentator alongside Mike Goldberg in 2002 and later hosted the weekly UFC television Show, Inside the UFC in 2006.

Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg

Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg

Source: BjPenn

The UFC president White paid him around $170K per episode during his early years in his UFC career. In 2016, while Rogan worked with Goldberg, he earned over $500K as a salary.

Joe Rogan, who won 4-MMA Personality awards, earned over $3.5 million only from UFC in 2016 and had a net worth of $15 million at that time.

Furthermore, he has hosted UFC Wired, Gameshow in My Head, Fear Factor, Late Friday, The Man Show and has also appeared in the 2011 Nick Bakay film Zookeeper as Gale.

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Joe Rogan: House, Car, and Properties

Joe Rogan owns a house that is situated in Bell Canyon, California which was listed for sale for $3,095,000 and is in the market since July 2017.

Rogan paid over $2.3 million in 2003 for the house which is in an area of 7.573 sq ft and features 5 bedrooms 5 bathrooms and a swimming pool. The house is located a few miles north of Calabasas.

Video: Joe Rogan- Cribs


Rogan's choice of ride is Porsche GT3 RS in a shiny white color and costs around $146,350 for its base model. His car collection included the 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Restomod which is powered by a supercharged LS1 engine.