Jesse Williams to pay $50,629 a month to Aryn Drake-Lee in Child Support

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Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee had been in a continuous legal battle for increased child support, but now, Williams has lost the case as he needs to pay $50,629 a month to his ex-wife in child support. 

According to the documents received by the E! News, it has been reported that the 36 years' old actor earns more than $521 thousand per month from his movies, and director, producer credits. 

The court has found the amount to be an extraordinarily high income and starting from the 1st of July, the judge has ordered Williams to pay one half of the child support amount that is, $25 thousand on the first day of the month and the remaining $25 thousand on the 15th day of the month. 

Jesse paid around $33 thousand per month as spousal support before, but now, the payment increased over $17 thousand to total to $50,629 per month. 

Recently in March, Williams was awarded the joint custody of his kids. According to the documents, the courtroom granted him time with his children every other weekend, two days per week and on Father's Day as well. 

CAPTION: Jesse Williams with ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee and children SOURCE: Empire BBK

Earlier this month, Jesse hit back against his estranged wife in a request for increased child support. 

According to Williams, his ex-wife exaggerates many of her expenses and the children's needs. He further added that Aryn lumps her personal expenses as the expenses of his children. 

Supporting his statement, Williams revealed his agreement with Aryn for his children to live a simple life without wasting money on any spectacle. 

Apparently, Jesse will also need to pay 100% of their children's private education fees. 

Williams and Drake-Lee walked down the aisle in September 2012, but after a long five years, the couple decided to get separated. In April 2017, Williams filed for a divorce and later, started dating the famed actress Minka Kelly

The relationship with Kelly was also unsuccessful as currently, he is seen dating the sports reporter Taylor Rooks

During his relationship with Aryn, he gave birth to two children, Maceo Williams, 2  and Sadie Williams, 4.