Is Jesse Wellens Dating? Meet his alleged girlfriends Giselle Teresa and Kristina Askerova, Know in Details

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Jesse Wellens is a popular Internet personality who has successfully gathered more than 1.2 million fan followers on his Instagram. He is popular for his awesome prank videos on his YouTube channel entitled PrankvsPrans. He also has other two YouTube Channels: BFvsGF and a self-entitled channel.

Likely to his professional life, the personal life of Jesse Wellens is also pretty interesting. He had been enjoying a long-term relationship with his co-star of BFvsGF, Jeana Smith.

The pair recently broke up and following their separation, the rumors of Jesse cheating on Jeana started swirling as he was found to be linked up with a couple of ladies, Giselle Teresa, and Kristina Askerova.

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Jesse Wellens' Dating Life And Break Up With Long-term Girlfriend Jeana Smith

Jesse Wellens and his ex-girlfriend Jeana Smith are the creators of the YouTube Channel PrankVsPrank. The couple began dating in 2005 and after enjoying a romantic relationship for 11 years, the pair got separated.

Jesse announced his split with Jeana with a blog where he stated;

It was great in the beginning but then it slowly…it kinda like polluted our relationship and made it toxic.

He also told;

 just felt like we were doing stuff for the vlog and not for our relationship anymore.

 Here's a video in which Jesse explains about his break up, check it out.

At the time, the pair partially blamed stress from filming their daily vlogs for the breakup. But after Wellens was caught spending his private times with Giselle Teresa and Kristina Askerova, fans started accusing him of cheating on Jeana.

Jesse's Cheating Scandal On Jeana and his two new Girlfriends

The cheating rumors were sparked after social media photos emerged of Jesse hanging out with a stylist Kristina Askerova and Giselle Teresa Portocarrero.

Here a picture of Jesse Wellens and Kristina Askerova that they shared on snap chat in which we can see them spending quality time and hanging out together. Check it out.

Rumored boyfriend and girlfriend: Jesse Wellens and Kristina Askerova

Rumored boyfriend and girlfriend: Jesse Wellens and Kristina Askerova

Source: frostsnow

Additionally, here's a Twitter post that featured Jesse Wellens and Giselle Teresa having some fun together. Check it out.

Rumored boyfriend and girlfriend: Jesse Wellens and Giselle Teresa

Rumored boyfriend and girlfriend: Jesse Wellens and Giselle Teresa

Source: Instagram

Jesse looks as if he is romantically linked with both of these girls, however, he completely denied this thing on May 18's video telling;

We were broken up way before we announced it. They’re friends of mine, they are nothing more than friends.

Later, Jesse said of continuing friendship with his ex-girlfriend;

If she wants to create, I’ll help her in any way. It takes time. We stopped making videos because of criticism.

We wish both Jesse and Jeana all the very best for their future and we hope them to be reunited soon.