Jesse Watters' Show Ends With a Brief Correction of CNN ‘Scripted’ Question Claim

Updated On 04 Mar, 2018 Published On

At the end of Saturday night show of Watters World, Jesse Watters very briefly issued a correction on the CNN “scripted” question controversy.

The father of one of the Parkland students admitted to dropping some words from an email exchange between their family and a CNN producer, and both Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson subsequently issued their corrections.

Last night, the 39-year-old political commentator ended the show saying,

Last week we told you about reports CNN may have scripted questions for a town hall. The father of one of the students making that accusation has since said he accidentally removed a line from the CNN emails. Some say they may have changed its meaning. Just wanted to let you know.

According to CNN's political reporter Andrew Kaczynski, one week ago, Jesse read CNN’s denial on-air and then said it was “kind of hard to believe when they were caught feeding Hillary questions."

He and Ann Coulter shared a laugh over the “bad week” CNN was having.