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Home Gossip Jeremy Bash's Net Worth Is An Outcome Of His Hard Work: Know About His Career & Salary

Jeremy Bash's Net Worth Is An Outcome Of His Hard Work: Know About His Career & Salary

Sabrina Thapa Sun Feb, 2018
Jeremy Bash's Net Worth Is An Outcome Of His Hard Work: Know About His Career & Salary

The former chief staff at U.S. Department of Defense, Jeremy Bash was born in Arlington, Virginia. He worked in the Central Intelligence Agency before joining the defense department in 2011. Bash has been married twice. After separating with his first wife, Robyn Bash, he married his second wife, a journalist Dana Bash in 1998. However, they too got divorced in 2007.

At present, Jeremy is apparently single and works as a managing director at Beacon Global Strategies LLC. The estimated net worth of Jeremy as of 2018 is around $80 million.

Dana Bash ex-husband Jeremy Bash

 Former chief staff at U.S. Department of Defense Jeremy Bash

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Jeremy Bash is considerably a private person. His personal life doesn't seem to be great in comparison to his professional life which is at the peak of success. To find out more about the net worth, career and earnings of Jeremy Bash, continue to read below.

Net worth of Jeremy Bash

As mentioned earlier, Bash is a multi-millionaire, but the figures of his salary haven't been disclosed. Jeremy's ex-wife Robyn Bash is a millionaire as well but not as much rich as her former husband. Jeremy holds an estimated net worth of around $2 million and earns a handsome salary as CNN journalist.

According to Glassdoor, the yearly salary of U.S. Department of Defense Chief Staff ranges from $115,824-$177,000 and Central Intelligence Analyst has an income of between $56,000 to $113,000 per year. This hints that during Jeremy's employment in these departments, he must also have salary close to the range mentioned above.

In an article published by Glassdoor, it is has been reported that in the United States an average salary of a managing director is $183,501 per year. As Jeremy is currently a managing director at Beacon Global Strategies LLC, his yearly salary might be similar.

The information on the house and properties owned by Bash is not much available. But, since his net worth is $80 million, he is obvious to own properties worth million.

Career of Jeremy Bash

The Harvard Law School graduate started his service as the national security issues director in 2000. He also practiced private law with the firm O’Melveny & Myers in their Washington, D.C. office for 3-years.

Additionally, he also worked as the chief minority counsel on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence of the U.S. House of Representatives. Bash was also a team member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

After devoting many years in government service, in 2013, he took the post of managing director at Beacon Global Strategies which he founded in a partnership of Philippe Reines and Andrew Shapiro. Moreover, he is a national security analyst for NBC News and its cable division, MSNBC.

Watch Jeremy Bash speaking on MSNBC

In 2008, Derek Cecil portrayed a minor character based on Bash in HBO original movie Recount. In 2010, Bash was included in TIME Magazine's 40 Under 40.

Jeremy Bash is extremely fortunate to have such an outstanding career. Hope he gains even more success, and hopefully, he will soon join social media as he is not active in any.