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Home Gossip Jennifer Earles married life with Jason earles. Is Jennifer happy with her married life?

Jennifer Earles married life with Jason earles. Is Jennifer happy with her married life?

Richa Sun Mar, 2016
Jennifer Earles married life with Jason earles. Is Jennifer happy with her married life?

The Hollywood has seen the rise of many non-stars from their links with famed TV stars. Jennifer Earles is one of such non-stars who came to fame for her marriage with the famed TV star, Jason Earles. They had a happy married life but, what went wrong between the two of them so that they had to break up?

In this column, we will talk about the married life of the not so famous Jennifer Earles and her ex-husband Jason Earles. Also, we will reveal facts about their divorce and current relationship status. Keep on scrolling to know all about her private life.

Jennifer Earles’ Married Life and Divorce with husband Jason Earles

Famous for appearing in the Disney sitcom Hannah Montana as Jackson Stewart, the brother of the lead cast, Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus), Jason Earles was married to his love Jennifer Earles after dating for a couple of months. The two were high-school sweethearts as the pair met each other during their tenure at the Rocky Mountain College.

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The young looking actor, Jason Earles walked down the aisle with his secondary school lover Jennifer Earles in 2002. The couple had a blissful life with each other and had one child named Noah Earles but, their divorce rumors shocked all of their fans and the media outlets.


The happy life of the pair turned to despair as the rumors of their divorce flew on the internet. In 2013, the couple got divorced from each other for a reason still undisclosed. But, after our long research, we have found a possible hint about what caused their separation.

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The actor had a rare disease called the Parkinson’s disease. The virus affects the brain part producing dopamine and patient of the disease suffers from a long-term degenerative disorder. Many have regarded this disease as the real reason for the divorce but, the real reason of it has not still been publicized yet.

Jennifer Earles’ Current Relationship

After getting a divorce with her high school love, Jennifer Earles has not been able to find love with any other person. Her hearts are broken and her dreams are shattered so, her fear of rejection should have been the major cause of her single life.

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While Jennifer is still single, the same can’t be said about her ex-husband Jason. The actor is currently married to Katie Drysen. The couple enjoyed their dating life before getting engaged after four years in February 2017 and later got married on 13th August 2017. The couple is having a blissful life at the present date.

Hope Jennifer also gets the same kind of love and gets in a relationship soon. For more such articles, follow