Jen Carfagno and Neil relationship as a couple. Is Jen planning to divorce him?

Updated On 27 Mar, 2016 Published On

Jen Carfagno and Neil relationship is a new issue of interest in the current time among the media. Jen being as a successful American meteorologist is very successful with her salary and net worth as being engaged within The Weather Channel TWC. Her married life is settled down with Neil and she is very successful with her one and only boyfriend whom she now claims as her spouse. Jen and Neil love can be easily seen among the media so they are not willing to give divorce to each other thought they fight for small issues among each other. They spent their holidays together with home parties as well as cutting grasses and watching movies of their favorite.

Jen and Neil have 2 beautiful daughters and by now the rumors is that they are expecting for a 3rd child and even Jen as confessed about this fact. The name of her children is Kelly and Natalie and they are living happy and successful life within Atlanta, GA being a best time as a family. Jen was never spotted with any boyfriends and affair in her college days. By now she has a complete time with her spouse and has a high planning for their further progressive married life.

Jen loves being dictated herself as an independent lady. She is very positive and optimist in nature who believes in hard work. Jen also loves travelling with her daughter in her free time. According to Neil, Jen looks very danger while she is in anger and it is difficult for him to control her in such situation. Jen is also a good speaker and she is planning to introduce her own business soon. Neil also stated he will be helping her in this regard. Jen is very capable in handling her family time and career time side by side.