Jeff Gordon's Ex-Wife Brooke Sealey: Know the Reason for Divorce

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You can’t stop yourself from falling in love, no matter how hard you attempt to. And it happens time and again that one ends up falling for someone. Well, the relationships are not always straight and smooth like that of a fairy tale we used to hear as a child. And as often seen, most of the relationships end up in a way never to be retracted.

Well, in spite of having been through several struggles in the relationship, some people successfully find their way out of the unusual relationship and move on while some just cannot get rid of it.

The four-time Sprint Cup Series winner Jeff Gordon falls in the same league of celebrities who have already moved on from a troubled marriage with wife Brooke Sealey.

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Jeff Gorden Marriage with Brooke Sealey and Divorce

Aged 47, retired stock NASCAR car racing driver Jeff Gordon got married to the former Miss Winston Brooke Sealey in 1994. They had their first meeting in February 1993 and subsequently started an affair secretly because of some unspoken rules that discouraged the couple from dating openly.

Former husband and wife couple: Jeff Gordon and Brooke Sealey

Former husband and wife couple: Jeff Gordon and Brooke Sealey

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Jeff Gordon didn't waste time and proposed Brooke for marriage, after about a year of their first meeting. The engagement was held at 1994 Daytona 500, shortly after Brooke was titled as Miss Winston.

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Talking about the couple's marriage proposal, the couple revealed a really interesting thing in an interview. Brooke firstly said;

He came up to me at Daytona and he asked me to go eat lunch. His voice was quivering..he was real nervous."

Then Jeff Gordon went on to add;

I was so nervous I went to the bathroom five times

Jeff further stated that

I was trying to get the ring just right. It was in my pocket.

Jeff Gordon and Brooke Sealey's divorce

Everything was going well but soon after being married for about eight years, Brooke Sealey filed a divorce against her husband claiming the marriage to be "irretrievably broken as a result of the husband's marital misconduct." 

The divorce process went through a very ugly phase for 16 months and was finalized on 13 June 2003. This divorce is still taken as one of the most gruesome and expensive divorces in the history of sports. 

Former husband and wife couple; Jeff Gordon and Brooke Sealey caught kissing

Former husband and wife couple; Jeff Gordon and Brooke Sealey caught kissing

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Brooke Sealey demanded an airplane, periodic use of the couple’s boats, and two cars as alimony. After a multiple of lawsuits, the settlement eventually came to be $15.3 million which is one of the most expensive divorces in sports history.

In the regard of their split, Jeff Gordon stated;

Brooke and I had a high-profile relationship and we had to. We got a lot of attention and we had to adjust our lives and what we did and how we went about it because of that.

After seven years of their divorce,  Brooke gave birth to a child with James Dixon II, but she gave him Jeff Gordon’s last name.

Jeff Gordon Moved on from Brooke Sealey and got married to Ingrid Vandebosch

After facing a troubled marital relationship with Brooke Sealey, Jeff Gordon got married to a former supermodel, and actress, Ingrid Vandebosch. The couple first met through mutual friends in 2002 and four years later, they got married in a private ceremony in Mexico.

Happily married husband and wife couple: Jeff Gordon and Ingrid Vandebosch

Happily married husband and wife couple: Jeff Gordon and Ingrid Vandebosch

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Their relationship has been flourishing for over 15 years now and through that, they are blessed with two beautiful children; a son named Leo Benjamin and a daughter named Ella Sophia.

On April 28, 2017, Jeff Gordon shared a picture with his family where we can see the creativity and designing skills of his wife. Check it out.



Besides this, Jeff Gordon was once rumored to be a gay and was speculated to be dating another male race car driver.

However, the rumor was later proved to be nothing but a false notification.

Jeff Gordon and Ingrid Vandebosch are now living a happy married life together with their children and have no signs of divorce or any extramarital affairs.

We wish the couple an enjoyable married life for the rest of their lives.

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Quick Facts:

How old is Jeff Gordon?

Jeff was born on August 4, 1971, and he is 47 years old in 2019.

What is Jeff Gordon's height?

Jeff is 1.73 meter tall, ie. 5 feet 8 inches.

What is Jeff Gordon's net worth?

The former American NASCAR driver Jeff has a net worth of around $200 million.