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Home Gossip Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren Rumored Break Up, Know about their Relationship

Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren Rumored Break Up, Know about their Relationship

Shree Krishna Sun Sep, 2017
Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren Rumored Break Up, Know about their Relationship

It's a sad feeling to hear about someone's breakup, and when it's about your favorite star, you feel sad even more. Just like that, when the breakup of the lovely couple, Alexis Ren an American model/internet celebrity and her boyfriend Jay Alvarrez an American model came in the media, a lot of the couple's fans were shocked and disheartened.

The couple started dating each other in 2015 and after two years of a romantic relationship, the couple called their relationship a quit in early 2017. It's obvious that love isn't' an easy deal, but is moving over the person you fall in love the only solution? Not always!

Alexis Ren and her two years boyfriend Jay Alvarrez are no longer a couple

 Alexis Ren and her two years boyfriend Jay Alvarrez are no longer a couple

Source: Yahoo

So, why did the couple separate? Let's find out more about their relationship here in Frostsnow

Alexis Ren and her boyfriend Jay Alvarrez no longer a Couple 

Alexis and her now ex-boyfriend started dating each other in early 2015. Things were going well for the couple, but in early 2017, the news of the couple's separation featured on the web. And all of this began with Alexis twitter feed.

On February 19, Alexis shared a series of tweets regarding her relationship with her boyfriend Jay.

Check out the tweets,

Soon after the tweets, lots of Alexi's fans showed their concern about the pair's relationship, many of them asking why the couple broke up? 

Alexis answered her fans via her tweets.

Not in the beginning but fame changes people

— Alexis Ren (@AlexisRenG) February 19, 2017???

As per Alexis, looks like Jay used her to get the fame and make a place in the industry. Many of her fans showed their support for Alexis on what she did, i.e., to move over Jay.

After the breakup with Jay, Alexis has moved on and she seems focused towards her career. Looks like she doesn't want her past to be stubborn in her future. 


to be inspiring. What the fuck does it mean? living a life that people want to obtain? Giving back? Telling a story? Showing up for others? Being selfless? There's many ways a human can acquire or be inspiration. I believe it is based on opinion, experience and perception. Not only that, but it's become somewhat of a stereotype. What one human says is inspiring could be idiotic for another. A lot of the times, I am in awe of how girls look up to my life, as I don't post what I would consider "inspiring". I love my body and I work hard so I don't consider it bad that the majority wants bikini, lingerie & health. What I post is me, but a very small percentage. I understand the percentage of what I show is under my control, but I'm 20 years old, figuring this shit out as I go. You'd think we'd be passed the times of judging a humans insides based on their outsides. After all, we are sitting on a spinning pale blue dot in the middle of space that's part of an infinitely larger galaxy. There are no rules.

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Along with the issue of the couple's breakup, Alexis once became a hot potato when she was allegedly tagged a lesbian by many of her fans.

So, is Alexis really a lesbian?

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Alexis Ren, a Lesbian?

The rumors of Alexis being a lesbian aired when the American model and internet celebrity shared a picture of herself with a blonde beauty (name not disclosed) via Instagram on August 28, 2016, earlier to her breakup with Jay. 

Alexis shared a picture of herself with a blond beauty on her Instagram on August 28, 2016  Source: Instagram

Alexis shared a picture of herself with a blond beauty on her Instagram on August 28, 2016

Source: Instagram 

Though many of her fans speculate her to be a lesbian, Alexis hasn't opened up whether she is a lesbian or not. And the question also arose if this act was the reason for the breakup between the couple.

However, it won't be fair enough to tag Alexis as a lesbian unless she gives any official statement regarding this.

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