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Published On Jan 23, 2018
Facts of Jason Cook
Date of Birth: 1974
Birth Nation: United Kingdom
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After completing his education at South Tyneside College, Jason Cook of English nationality and white British ethnicity started his career as a standup comedian as a part of a group known as Soups. He then performed with Geordie Lee Fenwick in Die Clatterschenkfieternmaus show.

His most major achievement from the solo show, My Confessions that received a five-star review as won the critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Festive Event. In the event fellow Scottish comedian, Danny Bhoy also performed his comical performance during 2001.

My Confessions show also won the “Best International show “ category at the New Zealand Comedy Festival. He along with Gram Duff co-wrote and appeared in British sitcom Hebburn, which is based on Jason Cook hometown of the same name, Hebburn, Tyne, and Wear. The show was aired on BBC 2, and it ran for two seasons. The show won the “Best Drama” at the Royal Television Awards.

The comedian has worked with various radio series including new standup show “Broken.” He is scheduled to appear in fellow British funny man, John Bishop in his new stand up series.

Currently, Jason Cook is living in Manchester with his wife and daughter. He runs a comedy night show at the city’s Frog and Bucket comedy club The Asylum.

He had appeared in the commercial ad of Jacob brand where he plays Jacob the baker. The advertisement aims to push £10 million UB (United Brands) into UK market. Hundreds of thousands of pounds can be expected for actors salary on the advertisement.

Recently, Jason Cook has started his tours to various UK venues, his upcoming comedy show is going to celebrate at Barnard Castle Whitham (23rd Feb 2018, ticket price is £12  per person), Darlington Hippodrome ( 28 Apr 2018 the price is £12 per person ) and Stockton Arc (12 May 2018 ,Price per person £15 ). 

Although the exact figure of his salary is yet to reveal, his net worth is expected to be in thousands of dollars.

Jason Cook facts on timeline

A British Comedian Hebbum London


Jason Cook an English comedian, writer, and star of TV show Hebburn was born in South Tyneside, Hebburn, Tyne, and Wear, London, United Kingdom. He raised along with his mother and father.

Started his career as a comedian Soups


After his navy days, Jason Cook started his career as a standup comedian and a member of a group, Soups. He later performed with Lee Fenwick in Die show.

Best International Show New Zealand Comedy Festival


Jason Cook won the “Best International show “ awarded, awarded at the New Zealand Comedy Festival for the show " My Confessions." Which is one of the reasons he is famous for.

Hebburn TV Series BBC 2

October 18 , 2012

He co-wrote the show British sitcom Hebburn, where he even appeared as a character called Ramsey. The show ran for two seasons and ended in December 2013.

United Brands Salary


As of 2018, Jason Cook played as a baker on United brands, the brand aims to push  £10 million into the market, hundreds of thousands can be expected for a comedian, who stars in the advertisement. His current net worth is yet to reveal.