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Home Gossip Jasmine V Dating Ronnie Banks, Are They Planning To Get Married? Her Past Affairs & Children

Jasmine V Dating Ronnie Banks, Are They Planning To Get Married? Her Past Affairs & Children

Chandra Rana Tue Jan, 2018
Jasmine V Dating Ronnie Banks, Are They Planning To Get Married? Her Past Affairs & Children

Jasmine V, born as Jasmine Marie Villegas, is an American pop and R&B singer known for her debut single That's Me Right There. The 24-years-old singer, who appeared in the music video of Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber's music video Eenie Meenie, was signed to Sony Music at the age of 16. As of 2013, she is signed to Interscope Records.

Many of us are aware of her professional career, but what about her personal life? Jasmine in her 3 years long relationship with her boyfriend shares a daughter. So, is she married to him? Let's find out more about her relationship, past affairs and children below.

Who is Jasmine V married to? Know here

Well, for most of the couple, loves comes first, then marriage and the children. But, the case seems to be different with Jasmine. She is reportedly unmarried and is a mother to a daughter from her love. So, who is her boyfriend?

He is none other than popular YouTuber and Viner, Ronnie Banks. The couple reportedly met in 2014 while featuring Jasmine's debut single That's Me Right There. Right after that, they started dating.

Jasmine V and her boyfriend Ronnie Banks

Jasmine V and her boyfriend  Ronnie Banks

Source: ATRL

Well, many don't know but Ronnie is 3 years younger than Jasmine, however, their relationship is rocking like Jasmine's pop songs. Jasmine shared a tweet regarding her enormous love to Ronnie with the caption "
If you had a twin I would still choose you..." 



The couple took their relationship to a next level after a year of dating. Yeah, the couple got engaged in the Christmas Eve in 2015. Ronnie even shared the video of his emotional proposal on his Instagram. Have a look.


Cute one!

Well, the couple even now doesn't seem to be hasty regarding their marriage. Jasmine and Ronnie have not given any news about their marriage. Hope they announce their wedding soon.

Now, let's know more about their child.

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Jasmine and Ronnie, Parents of a beautiful daughter

As mentioned above, Ronnie and Jasmine even without being married shares a daughter. Jasmine, who is deeply in love with Ronnie revealed about her pregnancy in November 2015 during her interview with Cosmopolitan. 

Have a look at Ronnie's Instagram post showing the baby bump.



But I'm way too blessed #bloombaby

A post shared by RONNIE BANKS (@realronniebanks) on

Jasmine and Ronnie, excited to become parents revealed about their baby's gender and her name. We do have a video of the couple's sharing their happiness, have a look.

Well, the wait for the couple was over as they welcomed their daughter, Ameera Reign Eloise Hackett on February 19, 2016. Ronnie shared the cutest moments of the baby's birth on his Instagram.

Really adorable.



Welcome to the world my little angel.

A post shared by RONNIE BANKS (@realronniebanks) on

The unmarried couple seems to be enjoying a lot sharing beautiful moments together.Also there are no reports that suggest their divorce in the future. 

Let's take a look at the happy family.




A post shared by RONNIE BANKS (@realronniebanks) on



A post shared by RONNIE BANKS (@realronniebanks) on


Let's wish them a lot of happiness and take a glimpse of Jasmine's past affairs.

Past Affairs of Jasmine V: Relationships & Dating

For Jasmine, Ronnie doesn't seem to be her first love. Jasmine came in the highlights after kissing Bieber in his music video, Baby-baby. But the scene was cut off. Even though fans claimed them as a couple after their close relationship, neither of them ever accepted their love affair in the media.

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Justin Bieber and Jasmine V cut off kissing scene

Justin Bieber and Jasmine V cut off kissing scene in the music video of Baby-baby

Source: Ocean Up

Later, the rumored couple was spotted kissing in the back seat of the car, but even then, none of them introduced themselves as a couple.

Justin Bieber and Jasmine V kissing  

Justin Bieber and Jasmine V, the rumored couple

Source: The Fix

But, it's not the only name Jasmine's been linked with; she was in a relationship with rapper Young JinsuThe couple without any disclosed reason parted their ways after a couple of years in 2012.

Jasmine V and her ex-boyfriend Young Jinsu

Jasmine V and her ex-boyfriend Young Jinsu

Source: Truthish Out

Well, Jasmine also revealed about her abusive former boyfriend being the prey of domestic violence which almost destroyed her. The Didn't Mean It singer released her song demonstrating the physical and emotional pain that she went through in real life.

But, Jasmine told that she had no plans to reveal her abusive partner's name. And as of now, the bitter past has changed to her happy present as she has found her soulmate, Ronnie.

Stay blessed and best wishes!