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Jarrett Mentink

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2001 Jarrett is a PHD holder

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Jarrett Currently

In 2016 , Jarrett Mentink is a former assistance basketball coach . He is the husband of famous sports anchor Angie Mentink . Mentink is working in Seattle Pacific University .Along with working in SPU is a writer , he writes books for children to boost their confidence and helps to be  better person in the future .


Jarrett is a PHD holder

Mentik finished his PHD degree . He first did Bachelor's of Arts from University Of Washington in 1993 . After finishing in Bachelor's level he did Master's Degree in 1998 . He further continued his education and completed his PHD also from Washington State University in 2001 .


Jarrett Mentink is the husband of the famous sports anchor Angie Mendink . He and his wife have two children in whole and have a happy married life  Angie and jarrett are high school lovers , who got married . They survived through all their ups and downs and are still together .Their marriage has already been over a decade now .His ethnicity is white and nationality is American.

Mentink Has a BA degree from University of Washington , 1993 ; Washington State Universiy , MA, 1998 and Washington State University , Ph.D. , 2001 .

Jarrett is currently working at Seattle Pacific University since 1995 . Before working at SPU he was an assistance basketball coach at Decatur High School and Tocoma Community College . Now at SPU he is in various sectors , mainly as a men's basketball coach . He also teaches sports psychology concepts , physical health seminars, and coaching and training seminars.

Being a coach is one part of him , he is also a writer . He writes books for children , Kids in the clouds , which is a book provided to children on planes . Dr.Mendink also writes a book for children in which he provides positive information to children. However , his net worth is unknown.