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Jared Fogle Biography

Jared Fogle

Facts of Jared Fogle

Date of Birth: 1977 , August-23
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 6 Feet 2 Inch

Quick Timeline of Jared Fogle

1977 Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
1999 Popular as The Subway Guy
2000 Jared's Film Career
2001 Married with Elizabeth Christie
2007 Divorce with Elizabeth Christie
2010 Married to Kathleen Marie McLaughlin
2015 Divorce with McLaughlin
2000 Graduated from the Indiana University
2000 Jared Fogle TVs/Films
2017 Jared Fogle's Networth

Detail Timeline of Jared Fogle

August 23 , 1977

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Jared Fogle, an American actor and a former spokesperson for  Subway restaurants, best known as "The Subway Guy", was born on August 23, 1977, to the parents Norman Fogle and Adrienne Fogle, in Indianapolis, Indiana which is located in the United States of America.


Popular as The Subway Guy

While attending the Indiana University, Jared Fogle was living in a building with a Subway Sandwich Shop, there he used to eat many types of higher calorie foods at both lunch and dinner every day. Thus he became of 425 pounds weight guy. And after loosing the weight he became well-known as "The Subway Guy" when his article published in April 1999.


Jared's Film Career

After being famous as "The Subway Guy", Jarden was offered for many televisions, commercials and films in 2000. He has been seen on the television for the Subway commercials from 2000 to till now. He was also seen on "Saturday Night Live", "Jack and Jill", "Dr. Phil" etc.

October 14 , 2001

Married with Elizabeth Christie

Jared Fogle had first got married to her first wife Elizabeth Christie on October 14, 2001. The couple was dating each other before their married. But after living together for about 6 years, Jared Fogle decided to be separate with his wife.

October 18 , 2007

Divorce with Elizabeth Christie

When the married life of the couple turned into bad after living together for about 6 years, Jared decided to separate with his first wife Elizabeth Christie. Thus, Jared separated with Christie but the divorce process was completed on October 18, 2007.

July 31 , 2010

Married to Kathleen Marie McLaughlin

At the age of thirty-three, Jared again got married to his second wife Kathleen Marie McLaughlin on July 31, 2010. Jared was dating her before their marriage, after the divorce with his first wife Elizabeth. Again Jared felt unhappy with McLaughlin in their married life and wanted to be apart with her.

November 16 , 2015

Divorce with McLaughlin

After living together for about 5 years, Jared started to felt unhappy with her second wife Kathleen McLaughlin. Thus the couple decided to be apart from each other and live the life freely. And they divorce each other on November 16, 2015.


Graduated from the Indiana University

Jared has first completed his high school in 1995 from the North Central High School, Indianapolis. Then he moved to Bloomington to completed his graduation, and thus in 2000, he from the Indiana University, Bloomington in the field of BS Management and International Business.


Jared Fogle TVs/Films

After being famous as the subway guy, Jared was first offered on the television for the subway commercials in 2000. From that day, He is still working for the subway commercials. He was also seen in "Saturday Night", "Super Size Me", "Sharknado 2", "Sharknado 3", "Notalgia Critic" etc.


Jared Fogle's Networth

Jared earns his salary from the film industry and from his subway restaurants. Thus owns the net worth of 15 million in the present time of 2017. He became a successful person who earns this much money only because of his talent and hard work.


Jared attended Indiana University and lived in an apartment with a Subway sandwich shop at the front door. So, he used to eat lunch and dinner there on a daily basis. Usually, he used to have a steak sandwich, or two, with extra cheese. All these things made him so fat that his weight was 425 pounds before starting the subway dieting.

Then he started his dieting and started following diet plans, he lost about 245 pounds of weight which also made him an inspirational figure. 

He came to media attention in April 1999 by an article about Jared's weight loss, published in the "Indiana Daily Student". After which he was seen in many movies in funny roles.

Jared was first married to his first wife Elizabeth Christie, a pediatric nurse on October 14, 2001, but soon he divorced her. And got engaged to, Kathleen Marie, a teacher by profession. Jared married his second wife Kathleen on July 31, 2010. He divorced Kathleen after living together for 5 years. They have 2 children together.

Jared Fogle is 40 years aged American nationality actor with white ethnicity. His net worth is estimated to be 15 million in recent days. He is in prison for children abuse case in recent days.