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Home Gossip Japanese Racing Car Driver Takuma Sato's Relationship With Wife Chiharu Sato & His Past Affairs

Japanese Racing Car Driver Takuma Sato's Relationship With Wife Chiharu Sato & His Past Affairs

Shree Krishna Tue Dec, 2018
Japanese Racing Car Driver Takuma Sato's Relationship With Wife Chiharu Sato & His Past Affairs

Japan has produced a few professional racers who have hit the global scene. One among the best is Takuma Sato, the first Japenese professional racer to win an IndyCar race. Sato is enjoying his professional career, being a part of Masters of Formula 3 and Formula One. But what about his life behind the wheels?

Sato, who is married to his longtime girlfriend Chiharu Sato with two children, is alleged of having an extra-marital affair. Get to know about his personal life in this article.

Takuma Sato Married to Chiharu Sato with Two Children

Born on 28 January 1977, in Tokyo, Japan, Takuma Sato was brought up in his home country. As a child, Sato fell in love with racing and thereby pursuing his professional racing career. 

Sato's another love interest came by the name Chiharu Sato. Chiharu is also born and brought up in Japan, as his husband was. She belongs to a traditional household with cultural roots in utmost priority.

Sato and Chiharu met in Tokyo in the 20s. They dated for two years prior to their wedding. They exchanged their wedding vows on July 31, 2005.

With a successful racing career that has overshadowed most of his personal life, not much is known about their wedding. However, sources have that they tied the knot in a private ceremony.

CAPTION: Takuma Sato with his family SOURCE: PlayersGF

In their years of relationship, Sato and Chiharu are blessed with two children. Their first child, a son, was born on 23 December 2006 and two years later, they welcomed their daughter, born on 30 September 2008. Their second child was born at the Princess Grace Hospital Centre in Monaco.

It's been over 13 years to their wedding, and the pair is still together. Despite Sato's extramarital affair with freelance announcer Satoko Naito, their marriage seems to be unaffected.

Takuma Sato's Extra-Marital Affair with Satoko Naito

One mostly doesn't reveal the fact about an extramarital affair to one's husband or wife.  However, for Takuma Sato, the guy himself revealed his extra-marital affair with Satoko Naito.

During an interview with the Tokyo Reporter back in 2017, Sato reflected on his extramarital affair. When confronted by the magazine, Sato admitted his relationship with Satoko, saying,

The relationship started several months later,

Sato and Satoko met for the first time at a race in 2010, and they soon started dating. Sato also revealed that his wife became aware of his relationship with Satoko, and there were talks regarding divorce in between Sato and his wife.

Honestly speaking, I am worried.

Sato continued,

While Naito-san has certainly supported my racing, on the other hand, my feelings for my children are great.

There haven't any further updates on his extramarital affair with Satoko. As of now, Sato his wife Chiharu and their two children are living together. The family of four resides in Denver, Colorado.

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