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Home Gossip Jane Skinner and her husband Roger Goodell married since 1997 without divorce issues

Jane Skinner and her husband Roger Goodell married since 1997 without divorce issues

Ashmita Karki Mon Sep, 2016
Jane Skinner and her husband Roger Goodell married since 1997 without divorce issues

Former Fox News anchor Jane Skinner is married to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Since 1997, this couple is living together in harmony as a loving husband and wife. They have never cheated each other and as such, there are no rumors of divorce between them.

image: Jane Skinner and Roger Goodell


image: Jane Skinner and Roger Goodell


Jane Skinner and Roger Goodell married on 25th October 1997. In 2001, Skinner gave birth to angelic twin daughters. Besides their date of birth, Skinner has not shared much about her daughters to the public. But, we can definitely agree that she is an amazing and responsible mother. Not everyone can leave their amazing career for the sake of the family. Yes, you read it true. Despite working for 12 years at Fox News, in June 2010, Skinner announced that she was leaving the channel so that she could give all of her time to her family.


There were a lot of rumors about the reason behind Skinner leaving the show. But, the truth was different from the rumors. During that time, her husband took from Paul Tagliabue, making him busier than ever. That’s the reason she compromised for her family and kids by leaving her job.


Video: Jane Skinner announces her last day on FOX

Currently, Skinner lives with her husband and two children in Westchester, New York. The couple are very understanding of each other. That’s the reason why we rarely hear any news about their argument or misunderstanding. In fact, Skinner has never cheated on her husband.


Apart from Skinner’s personal life, we will inform you in short about her career and achivements. In her early days, she worked as a correspondent for KBJR. Similarly, she also worked at WITI as an evening news anchor. Later, she became broad project reported for KMOV. It was on FOX news where she started her career as a news broadcaster. She worked there for 12 years. She was one of the most talented people in the Fox News. She was outstanding in her profession as she always kept a deep knowledge of her subject.

image: Jane Skinner in the Fox News


Talking about Skinner’s net worth, it is said that her family has a huge net worth of $750 million. She is no longer associated with FOX News, so her salary is unknown. Similarly, there is no information about any awards Skinner has ever received.

So, what do you guys think of their relationship? Do you think they will ever divorce? Let us know in the comments below.