Jamie Wachtel Is All Alone After Her Husband, Scott Weiland's Death: Details on Their Married Life

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Birth and death are part of our lives but still, it is very hard to deal with the latter. When the Stone Temple Pilots’ singer Scott Weiland demised, his wife Jamie Wachtel suffered the most. Despite the years, it seems like she is still crazily in love with her late husband as she hasn’t moved past her marriage.

Scott’s wife Jamie is still single and she is enjoying her life with her son. There are no men around her whom we can be designated as her boyfriend. Here are the things you should know about Jamie’s married life with Scott and their relationship: 

Scott Weiland and wife Jamie Wachtel: First meeting and love

Jamie and Scott were married for more than two years before Scott’s death separated them on 3rd December 2015. The couple met for the first time in 2011 during the making of Scott’s ‘I’ll be Home for Christmas,’ a music video. At the moment, Jamie, who is a professional photographer, was photographing the music video. The pair quickly fell in love.

Watch the photo collection of Scott Weiland and Jamie Wachtel:

Scott was pleased with his relationship with Jamie. Both of them had children from their previous relationships, and they got along really well. When Rolling Stone interviewed Scott before his wedding, he revealed that he was incredibly happy with Jamie. In fact, he didn’t even fail to praise her. He said:

“She is incredibly beautiful in every aspect of the word. Lovely, smart, passionate. And she loves my kids and I love her son. We’re getting married in the spring, and our families will be living together. … She’s the greatest thing that’s happened to me in a long, long time. … I just thought, ‘I have a feeling that I am going to fall in love with this woman.'”

Scott Weiland and wife Jamie Wachtel: Wedding

The two tied the knot in 2013’s summer in their Los Angeles home. People magazine reported Jamie’s words as she shared that they had a beautiful and heartfelt wedding ceremony. They were over the moon back as they cried and laughed on their big day. 

Scott Weiland and wife Jamie Wachtel on their wedding

Scott Weiland and wife Jamie Wachtel on their wedding

Source: Celebrity bride

After Jamie and Scott’s separation following his death, Jamie didn’t marry anyone else. No reports of her boyfriends, affairs or dating came out. However, in August 2016, she listed her engagement ring up for auction on eBay for $8,000. She also shared the post on her Facebook page as she wrote, ‘'This is the ring Scott gave me when he proposed. Eight months into this new chapter of my life, I need to part with it’


There is no doubt about the fact that Jamie Wachtel and Scott Weiland were crazily in love with one another. It is really sad to accept that death separated them. Even today, Jamie posts a lot of photo of and with her late husband on the social media. We believe Jamie should move on with her life.

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