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Home Gossip James Benrud; Singer Madilyn Bailey's husband, Know about Their Married Life

James Benrud; Singer Madilyn Bailey's husband, Know about Their Married Life

Sabina Gartaula Fri Sep, 2017
James Benrud; Singer Madilyn Bailey's husband, Know about Their Married Life

James Benrud, husband of the renowned singer Madilyn Bailey, is a YouTuber who began his journey to fame through his youtube channel. James and Madilyn together have a Youtube Channel with over 5.2 million subscribers as of June 2018. James seems to be in harmony with his professional life, but what about his private life? How is he handling his marriage with Bailey after staying together for such long time?

Married for almost four years now, James and Madilyn are still doing great. And we can see their super chemistry on their YouTube channel.

Here's a Q&A video before the couple's wedding.

Now, let's check how the couple is rolling on their married life:

Married Life of Musician Husband with singer wife

James and his beloved wife Madilyn likes to spend ample amount of time together, and his Instagram makes it very clear. The duo has been married for the past four years excluding the phase they were in a relationship and yet their marriage is the same as when the world first came to know about them. 

They dated for a few years before the tied the knot in 2014 and initially, they kept their marriage a secret. However, they finally shared their big day with their fans by uploading a video of their wedding on YouTube, and it is indeed very adorable.

Check out the Wedding Video of James and Madilyn

They look adorable together and his Instagram is filled with pictures of himself and his wife spending their days together that be a simple day or even a vacation. 


Beach day was fun

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Man, I have an awesome family:)

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In 2015, a year after the duo tied the knot, wife Bailey even uploaded a video on YouTube which shows the duo re-reading their vows. Sitting by the window with a gorgeous view of the outdoors, they read their vows again and it is very heartwarming. 

Video: Madilyn and James Re-reading their wedding vows.

Despite being married for more than four years, there are still not rumors about them splitting, getting a divorce or having extramarital affairs which clearly shows how strong their marriage is. And over it, most of their fans wonder whether they have any children yet.

Do James Benrud and Madilyn Bailey Have Any Children?

Even though their marriage is literally perfect the only thing that is missing in their marriage is a child. Despite being married for more than four years they do not have any children. 


beautiful day with this beautiful gal

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Neither of them has come out and spoken about parenthood so, there are no reports on why they have not decided to add a new member to their family. They might be focusing on their career or there might be some problems. But we will not know until they speak about it. 

Hopefully, this will soon happen and they will surprise their fans with a new member in their family.