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Home Gossip Jacoby Ellsbury And His Wife Kelsey Hawkins' Married Life: Know How Their Story Began & Children

Jacoby Ellsbury And His Wife Kelsey Hawkins' Married Life: Know How Their Story Began & Children

Sabina Gartaula Thu Jan, 2018
Jacoby Ellsbury And His Wife Kelsey Hawkins' Married Life: Know How Their Story Began & Children

Jacoby McCabe Ellsbury is an American born professional baseball player. Playing for New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB) as a center fielder, he was previously signed to Boston Red Sox. As a baseball player, he has received honors like Gold Glove Awards, Silver Slugger Award and also became the American League MVP. He is one of the elite players in the MLB and has an estimated yearly salary of $21.7 million. 

This is all we are going to talk about his career here because the primary focus of today is his marital relationship with his gorgeous wife, Kelsey Hawkins. They have been married for a long time now and have a greater history before getting married. 

Know more about Jacoby's career and net worth

Jacoby Ellsbury frostsnow

Jacoby McCabe Ellsbury

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In addition, the pair is also parents. Thus, we are going to share with you some details about the couple's marriage, relationship, and their children. 

Jacoby Ellsbury's marriage to wife Kelsey Hawkins

Jacoby is currently married to wife Kelsey Hawkins. Their relationship began back during their college years. They met during those days and starting dating as they felt very comfortable with each other.

Furthermore, by looks and physique, it is easy to assume that Jacoby is confident and could flirt with girls easily. However, according to sources, he is a very shy man and only was with one girl during his high school years before getting indulged with Kelsey. A shocker right?

Jacoby Ellsbury with wife Kelsey Hawkins

Jacoby Ellsbury with wife Kelsey Hawkins

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Nonetheless, they were in a relationship for years until they decided to tie the knot around December of 2012. The pair did not share the information and tried to keep it as low key as possible. But fans being fans took no time to notice a giant ring on Kelsey's finger while she attended Red Sox Nation. Another hint was when she changed her surname on her social media accounts. 

According to sources, their wedding took place in a private ceremony with close friends and family only. We are sure that some of Jacoby's teammates also attended the wedding. 

It has been almost six years since the pair got married and unlike other couples who are in the constant limelight, there are no rumors about them splitting or getting a divorce. 

Jacoby Ellsbury and Kelsey Hawkins children

Celebrity parents often are seen sharing every move of their children on social media and spare no chance to flaunt their family time together. However, the case is not same with this baseball couple. 

They seem to be very confidential when it comes to the identity and details about their children. They have two children together whose names have not been revealed. 

After the birth of their first child, a daughter, who seem to be born around late 2015, mama Kelsey shared pictures of her via her Twitter. There are numerous pictures of her daughter though she is not looking at the camera directly. Their daughter might have been around 2-3 years old at the moment. 

Later, around February of 2017, the couple gave birth to their second child, a son. His name or date of birth have not been specified, but the news about his delivery was all over the news and baseball player father missed 2-3 days of Yanks camp because of it. However, right after the birth of his son, he headed back to the camp and started doing what he had to do. 

Additionally, unlike their first child, Kelsey has not posted any pictures of her newborn son to date. In fact, she has been very inactive on her socials. The last time she posted on Twitter was on 2nd August 2017. Even so, the point to note is that young Ellsbury will be turning a year old in Feb 2018.