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Published On May 16, 2017
Facts of Jack Shafer
Date of Birth: 1957 , November-14
Birth Nation: United States
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Jack Shafer has kept his personal life away from the media he looks as he is married but he has not revealed any information regarding his marriage.

Before entering in the field of journalism, Jack Shafer wanted to become an author and he published a novel which got success too. After then he wrote many short-story, historical books along with some best-selling novels.

Jack Shafer has also written many articles in the favor of society. He has supported libertarianism with his writings, where he wrote: “Traditionally, the state censors and marginalizes voices while private businesses tend to remain tolerant”.

Jack Shafer

Jack Shafer facts on timeline

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, United Sates

November 14 , 1957

Jack Shafer is a famous American journalist who was born in the late 1950s in Cleveland, Ohio, United Sates. He was born in Ohio and he spent his childhood there. He has been one of the successful writers and he has written many books.

Working for Politico


Jack Shafer is a well-known American journalist and he is currently working as the writer about media in Politico. Politico is a political journalism company which majorly covers the news about politics and policy in the United States and other countries.

Published his first novel


Jack Shafter also used to write different short stories, novels, and historical books. He wrote his novel in the year 1949. The novel has the story of a high-plains drifter who has come to rescue Wyoming homesteaders and it was the adaptation of a movie.

Supported libertarianism


Jack Shafer has supported libertarianism through his writings. In the year 2000, he supported libertarianism by writing his political views as” I agree with the Libertarian Party platform”  and he also supported through other writings too.