Jack Nicholson Has Dated 48 Girls: Was Once Married To Wife Sandra Knight, Know His Love Story

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John Joseph Nicholson, professionally known as Jack Nicholson, is an American born actor and filmmaker who is considered the finest Hollywood actor of his days. Jack has been active in the film industry for the past 60 years and has starred in a massive array of film genres from horror to comedy to adventure to romance. With 12 Academy Award nominations, he is the most nominated male actor in the history of Academy. Moreover, he has won 3 of them till date and back in 2013, he presented the Academy Award for Best Picture alongside Michelle Obama

Furthermore, some of his best-known films are The Shining, As Good as It Gets, The Departed alongside actors like Leonardo DiCaprioHelen Hunt, Matt Damon and many others. Apart from being a big name in the film industry, he is also famous for being in a relationship with some high profile celebrities. To date, he has been in more than 48 relationships, and among them, his most long-lasting one was with American actress Sandra Knight. Sandra is best known for appearing on low budget films in the 50's and 60's like The Terror, Tower of London and others. They got married in 1962 but divorced eight years later in 1968. 

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson

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Here, we are going to share with you some information about the actor's relationship with wife (now ex-wife) Sandra Knight and his other affairs. 

Jack Nicholson's marital relationship with wife (now ex-wife) Sandra Knight 

Jack, who is currently 80-years-old started dating Sandra Knight back in 1960. They dated for more than two years until they decided to tie the known on 17th June 1962.  On 13th December 1963, they had a daughter named Jennifer together. Jennifer is currently 54-years-old. The couple was married for six years before they decided to move on in their life. They got a divorce in August of 1968. The couple remained together for almost nine years since they started dating. 

Jack Nicholson with ex-wife Sandra Knight

Jack Nicholson with ex-wife Sandra Knight

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During an interview, Sandara spoke about her married life with the actor. She shared that her relationship with him was perfect and in reality, he was the most tender and loving man, the best any women could have. 

Looking at Nicholson's dating history, he may seem like a stud, and many assume that he is the reason for the downfall of their marriage. But in reality, she was the one who drove him away. She shared that she is the one who left him with their daughter Jennifer. 

Moreover, after Jack's first failed marriage, he was devastated and decided never to do it again. 

Jack Nicholson's past relationships and his current relationship status

According to sources, Jack Nicholson, who has an estimated net worth of $400 million, is the kind of a man who can attract women with ease; he has a charm any girl would die for. So, he has been in 48 relationships till date. Right after he split up with his first wife Sandara, he started having an affair with actresses like Anjelica Huston and Lara Flynn Boyle. He dated Lara for a year in 1999 and reunited again before permanently breaking up in 2004. 

Jack Nicholson with ex-girlfriend Anjelica Huston

Jack Nicholson with ex-girlfriend Anjelica Huston

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While he was still in an on and off relationship with Anjelica Huston, he got indulged in an affair with model Winnie Hollman. With her, he has a daughter named Honey Hollman, born in 1981. They dated for almost five years from 1980 to 1985. 

Jack Nicholson with ex-girlfriend Winnie Hollman

Jack Nicholson with ex-girlfriend Winnie Hollman

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Later on, in 1989, he started dating actress Rebecca Broussard. With her, he has two children. Their first child Lorraine Nicholson was born on 16th April 1990 and Raymond Nicholson was born on 20th February 1992. 

Jack Nicholson with daughter Lorraine Nicholson and son Raymond Nicholson

Jack Nicholson with daughter Lorraine Nicholson and son Raymond Nicholson

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Moreover, actress Susan Anspach also claims that her son Caleb Goddard's biological father is Jack, but he has not said anything on the issue. 

His other girlfriends are Kate Ross, Cynthia Basinet, Amber Smith, Tracy Richman, Heidi Fleiss, and many others. Moreover, his first open relationship was with British porn star Suze Randall

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Moving to his current life, he is single and is trying to be as good of a gentleman as he can. But, he does not have any regrets about his past. In fact, he shared with the author's of his biography 'The Nicholson: A Biography,' that he is still as wild by his heart, but he has struck biogravity.

He wants to experience those things one last time, but he shares that it would feel very wrong to hit on women in public at his age.