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Updated On Jul 18, 2019 Published On Mar 15, 2017
Facts of J.P. Gillain
Birth Nation: Germany
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inch
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J.P. Gillain was married to Zoe McLellan on February 27, 2012. His ex-wife Zoe McLellan is a famous American actress known for her role in movies such as JAG, Dungeons & Dragons. The couple has one child together. The couple were together and happy and remain married for about 4 years, however, they couldn’t continue their marriage long and got divorced in 2016. Currently, he seems to be single and unmarried.

J.P. Gillain also used to perform as a singer in weddings and local Karaoke. After some time, he started performing with local theater troop of Montreux. At first, he began acting for commercials and later he was featured in movies and television shows.

J.P. Gillain facts on timeline

Married with Zoe McLellan

February 27 , 2012

J.P. Gillain got married to Zoe McLellan, an American actress on February 27, 2012. His ex-wife is famous for her roles in movies such as JAG, Dungeons & Dragons. The couple have one child together named as Sebastian Gillain

Divorced with Zoe McLellan


J.P. Gillain and his wife Zoe McLellan remained together for about 4 years. They were happy couple however some disputes made them get separated with each other. They couldn’t continue their marriage for long and got divorced in 2016.

Featured in Castle


J.P Gillain was featured in American drama named as Castle which was released on March 9, 2009. In this television drama series, `he has the role of the Bank Manager and the last episode of the drama was on May 16, 2016. 

Appeared in Through the Air to Calais or the Wonderful


J.P. Gillain made his first movie appearance from the short movie named Through the Air to Calais or the Wonderful Cruise of Blanchard's Ballon which was released in 2009. In that movie, he has the role of as French ambassador, DuVille.

Married with Aura Lee


J.P. Gillain got married to his first wife, Aura Lee in 2008. His ex-wife Aura Lee is a famous flutist and a choir singer. The couple was married for about 2 years but they didn’t have any children. They use to date each other before their marriage. 

Divorced with Aura Lee


J.P Gillain and Aura Lee was happily married for about 2 years. They were living a happy life and also they were in no hurry for a child. Unfortunately, the couple couldn't continue their marriage for a long time and they decided to get separation and got divorced in 2010.