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Home Gossip ITV's beautiful weather forecaster Lucy Verasam thought to be single as no relationship rumors arise

ITV's beautiful weather forecaster Lucy Verasam thought to be single as no relationship rumors arise

Abhilasha Singh Limbu Tue Jun, 2016
ITV's beautiful weather forecaster Lucy Verasam thought to be single as no relationship rumors arise

No matter what the science of weather forecasting tells us, wherever Lucy Verasamy is, it is bound to be hot!!! Search her on YouTube, you will definitely find more than her covering the weather.

The stunning weather girl, Lucy Verasamy comes from England. Currently working in ITV weather this beautiful brunette is popular worldwide. Now in her mid 30’s her fans are still wondering if their favorite weather girl is single or not.

The stylish reporter is seen usually using pencil skirt and showing her long slender legs which do attract viewers. 



With her height of 5 feet 5 inches and those long slender legs that perfectly compliments her beauty, it's hard to imagine that anyone hasn't fallen for her. But, does she have someone that she fell for?

As a stylish person, she must be in a relationship with someone! Well, not that we know of. Despite being very professional, it seems Lucy tends to keep her private life in secret. As such, there are no rumors of her being in any relationship with anyone. 

Her personal life about marriage or having a boyfriend is still not available in her social media. She does have a Twitter often and is active but there are no clues regarding her affairs. This gives us a thought whether she is straight or not. We think it is highly unlikely to infer that she is not straight just because of the fact that she had not been linked to anyone, but still, who knows! 

Despite not using Facebook or Instagram she has many accounts to her name which shows us how much people like her.

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Apart from her love life, Lucy is highly involved in various charity events of environment, global warming and climate change issues. Her net worth hasn’t been disclosed. There are gossip that this beautiful lady has started earning in MILLIONS. Although there are no explicitly stated figure on her net worth we believe it is around $3 million. Similarly, her salary is estimated to be around a figure of $400,000 annually. Despite this, no actual figure has been mentioned.

The TV presenter studied from Brunel University. Right after her graduation the ambitious lady joined the Press Association’s weather Centre and worked for Four years. That was her stepping stone for the future.               

Experience always plays a vital role in every body’s future. The experience from the Press Association help her to be at Sky Weather Center. She was a regular weather presenter at Sky News breakfast show Sunrise.

Now, she is the weather girl at ITV weather and perhaps one of the most contributing asset to the company. She joined in 2012. With all the hard work and experiences she has been working as the sole weather forecaster of that channel. The experience that she has gained has helped her to do research and analysis of several weather stories.


Her forcast is not only considered reliable but her ability to present herself infront of everyone is pretty remarkable as well. Enthusiasm and confidence can be seen from her work. Lucy is also known for being one of the most beautiful television anchor of Britian.