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Home News ISIS Claims Responsibility for Sri Lankan Suicide Bombings

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Sri Lankan Suicide Bombings

Blueprince Wed Apr, 2019
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Sri Lankan Suicide Bombings

The terrorist organization, ISIS claimed responsibility on Tuesday for the suicide bombings of churches and hotels in and around Sri Lanka.

The President of Sri Lanka has vowed to suspend the security officials who ignored the warnings given by other country's authorities.

While Sri Lankans buried their dead from the Easter Sunday bombings, the ISIS issued a statement claiming the suicide bombings.


It also uploaded an online video depicting the individual which Sri Lankan authorities believe led the attacks.

In the video, Mohammed Zaharan, an extremist preacher from Sri Lanka, leads masked, black-clad followers pledging allegiance to the Islamic State.

There is no actual proof that the ISIS did more than fuel the suicide bombings, part of its decree calls for attacks on groups considered freethinkers by Islamic State ideologues.

The release of the video through the Islamic State’s news agency passed through their network of online chat rooms, suggesting that the ISIS had access to the group’s major operatives.

President Maithripala Sirisena said,

Zaharan is suspected to be one of the bombers,

The forensic identification has not been verified yet.

Mr. Zaharan, also known as Zaharan Hashmi, Mohammed Cassim Mohamed Zaharan, and Zahran Hashim, was an unsuccessful cleric who traveled all of Sri Lanka and India preaching kill-all-the-infidels messages as he drifted from mosque to mosque.