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Home Gossip Is Youtube Star Carli Bybel Dating Anyone? Know her affairs, personal and professional life

Is Youtube Star Carli Bybel Dating Anyone? Know her affairs, personal and professional life

Smriti Rai Wed Jul, 2017
Is Youtube Star Carli Bybel Dating Anyone? Know her affairs, personal and professional life

Carli Bybel is the YouTube superstar and makeup, beauty, fashion, and fitness teacher who publishes videos to her two channels CarliBel55 and InnerBeautyBybel. She also runs a highly successful blog, The Fashion Bybel.

Nowadays there are so many talents emerged from the social media. We have the story of one of those sensational personalities. Carli Bybel rose to fame through her YouTube channel and her magnificent videos that she delivers to the world with tons of tips that help millions of teenagers.

Boys truly root for this gorgeous starlet Carli and if she has a boyfriend in her life. Today we are going to reveal you with the detail information regarding her love life. 

Carli Bybel is in a relationship with YouTuber Brett Cap

Bad news to the boys, the stunning Carli is already with someone. So, if you guys are thinking about trying out the luck with her then we are afraid you are all just wasting your time.

Carli made a public announcement about her love affair with Brett Cap. They started dating since 2013.

Brett is also a YouTuber and he is an online sensation for health and fitness tip.


No wonder they liked each other, they have many similarities. Both of them are good looking so that is an obvious that they got attracted to each another.

On an interesting note, the couple knew each other from their high school. They are connected since their early age.




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It's surprising how the pair's love is still growing strong after all these years. Not only that, there are no records on the couple's fights or any dispute till the moment.

Yet Carli and Brett are not married. They are in a living relationship and sharing their time under the same roof.

It is likely to have an announcement of the marriage of this couple this year.

Know Carli Bybel in detail

Born in Morganville, New Jersey Carli was raised by her sister Amanda.

Before coming to fame, Carli had created her YouTube channel on June 26, 2011. Afterward, she published her first video "Curl Hair with Straightener Tutorial" on August 25, 2011.



Slowly her videos started getting views and now her CariBel55 channel has over 5 million subscribers.

Her most popular video would be "Megan Fox Makeup Tutorial" which accumulated more than 4 million views in 3 years.

Here's the video!

Currently, she is busy making videos for her channels CarliBel55 and Inner Beauty Bybel.



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Looking towards her earning, Bybel makes $7000 per day from each of her channels.

Hats off girl!

Still, we are waiting for the happy announcement from Carli and Brett. For further updates on their personal and professional matters stay close to