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Home Gossip Is Tom Pelphrey Married? Know about his relationship

Is Tom Pelphrey Married? Know about his relationship

Dilip Adhikari Thu Feb, 2017
Is Tom Pelphrey Married? Know about his relationship

Tom Pelphrey, well known for his role as Jonathan Randall in the CBS soap opera, ‘Guide light’ is an actor but not a popular one as some people also call him an underrated actor. He has been nominated for the Daytime Emmy Awards three time for the category ’Best Young Actor’ and won for the first two time. Do we need any other proof to prove he is talent?

Today we are going to tell you things about him that are not known to people till now, about his relationship, his past and much more. We are not here to dig out why he is famous or not, but we are focusing on whether or not he is married or dating someone or if he has a girlfriend. So let’s get directly to the point and know about his love life.

Is Tom Pelphrey Married?

In his soap opera ‘Guide Light’, Tom’s role is, he has a romantic relationship with his first cousin Tammy played by Stephanie Gatschet. While on-screen, he seems to have a great relationship and love life, but what about outside? With a dashing personality, he must have a lot of fans and admirers and how can a girl be not in his life.

Tom Pelphrey

Tom Pelphrey

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Here’s some good news for all his admirers. Tom has not mentioned of his love affairs or married relation anywhere on the internet so, we guess he is currently single. But is he gay? Let’s find that out.

Video: Guiding Light - Tom Pelphrey (Jonathon) wins Emmy, 2006

Is Tom Pelphrey Gay?

Mentioned earlier, Tom Pelphrey is not known as a married man and people may be wondering if he is gay. Well if you also have the same doubt, DON'T because that’s not true. There was news that he was in a serious relationship with girlfriend Gina Tognoni and there are also rumors about him dating ‘Banshee’ co-star Lili Simmons.



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This news was confirmed by his Twitter photo where he mentioned her as a girlfriend.

Tom Pelphrey’s relationship with Gina Tognoni

How was the relation between Tom Pelphrey and Gina Tognoni? They both worked on the soap opera Guiding Light and was rumored to be dating each other. If true, the relationship only lasted for 9 months. To add some facts, Gina Tognoni has been in a married relationship with husband since 16th May 2009.

Tom and Gina kissing at Day Time Emmys

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But they had great chemistry between them when they were on-screen as well as when they were off the set. They won the Day Time Emmys together for the same show. Not in a love relationship now, Tom and Gina shares great chemistry with each other as friends.