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Home Gossip Is Sophie Rundle still single or Married? Who is she dating? Know about her Affairs

Is Sophie Rundle still single or Married? Who is she dating? Know about her Affairs

Ashmita Karki Mon Jun, 2017
Is Sophie Rundle still single or Married? Who is she dating? Know about her Affairs

Sophie Rundle, the attractive, brilliant and super-talented actress is well renowned for her adaptable and amazing acting aptitudes. Rundle has everything that a man dreams to have in his girlfriend, but Rundle has been successful in keeping romantic relationships away from her.

Yes, the 29-year-old star’s relationship status is single. The ‘Peaky Blinders’ star indicates negative enthusiasm for dating and having a beau despite the fact that young men all around the globe have a huge crush on her. So what is it that is holding Rundle back? Did she have a harsh past? Is she dating someone secretly? Read the full article:

Sophie Rundle too busy to fall in love

The youthful actress’ career has been amazing till date and looking at her talent and passion, we believe that she isn’t settling soon. She appears to be extremely occupied in her profession, as a matter of fact, she is at the pinnacle of her prosperity.

Thus, now we know why Rundle has no time to fall in love. It seems like she doesn’t want any love matters to ruin her career. However, there’s slight possibility that the actress might have had an acute heartbreak in the past because of which she is afraid to fall in love again.

?Sophie Rundle

Sophie Rundle

Source: Alchetron

Sophie Rundle seeks for serious love affair

A close source revealed that the alluring beauty isn’t fond of exposing relationships in social media and she isn’t quite interested in on and off dating. The source also revealed that Rundle is a serious lover kind of person that’s why she is waiting for the right guy.

?Sophie Rundle

Sophie Rundle

Source: Pinterest

Hence, we can confirm that Rundle isn’t involved in any kind of affair or relationship making her totally single.

Watch Sophie Rundle being interviewed:


Does Sophie Rundle have kids?

There’s no chance that Rundle has been married in the past but when she posted a photo on her Instagram where she is seen with a small baby, a lot of her followers got confused if it is Rundle’s own child.

However, her caption mentioned that the baby isn’t her own but she loves playing with them. Although our doubts got cleared, we see that Rundle is quite fond of kids. We’re pretty sure that she’ll be a great mother in the future.


Squishing/terrifying other people's attractive babies is my favourite new hobby these days ???? #demcheeks #chubchubs

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Rundle is all geared up on her career and isn’t dating anyone. Her busy schedule has also assisted in keeping love matters away from the 29-year-old beauty. We hope Rundle finds time for love and finds the right man really soon.

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