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Home Gossip Is Sean van der Wilt married? Know about his affairs.

Is Sean van der Wilt married? Know about his affairs.

Alishan Tue Dec, 2016
Is Sean van der Wilt married? Know about his affairs.

The multitalented entertainer Sean van der Wilt is in the headlines for his rumored marriage and his affairs. He has been in headlines for quite a long time and not all are for good reasons.

The singer and dancer had been dating the YouTube star Trisha Paytas for a year. They are known as the YouTube couple and have a lot of followers on their social network. The couple posts many romantic photos of theirs on their respective Instagram and Snapchat account and since both of them have a YouTube channel they also appear in each other’s video.

And that’s how rumors about their marriage started (literally from a photo). The rumor that they got married started when Trisha posted on the Twitter picture of her wearing a wedding dress and him in a suit, kissing with the caption “Confirmed.”


confirmed ! @seanvanderwilt

A photo posted by trishapaytas (@trishapaytas) on

The photo had the fans guessing and speculating about their relationship status. And when she uploaded a get ready with me video on her YouTube channel blndsundoll4mj a video titled ">My Wedding Day and ">We Tied The Knot and when Sean also posted on his YouTube channel Sean van der Wilt a video titled ">Our Wedding Day the rumor spread like wildfire and people thought they were married, but the rumors died down and fans were left dishearten when they found out that it was all for video and they aren’t married in real life.

After few months of posting that video, news of them breaking up surfaced. And Trisha who practically shares every detail of her life on the Internet posted a video on her channel titled “he cheated, I’m done” which is 4 minutes long and it was just a beginning of a saga of her pouring her heart out on the internet.

In that video, she explains the situation and said that she is taking a little bit of break from YouTube. She says in the video that Sean had been ignoring her calls and she went on a Snapchat rant about it. And not long after that, she received a snap about Sean with a girl in a club. She says that she is not sure about the situation and also about Sean’s sexuality since he was seen with a girl in a gay club.

The rumor has it that the girl he was seen with was a lesbian and that he initially came with a guy, whom he was seen kissing which she says in yet another vlog she uploaded called ‘is Sean Van Der Wilt’. And when she confronted him, Sean told her not to make a video about it or else he will never talk to her, but she did it anyway.

She also uploaded a video called ‘exposing Sean Van Der Wilt’ where she says that she isn’t sure if Sean in faithful. Sean